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I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on healing a stage three ulcer. It is located on the bunion of a 83 year old patient. She is IDDM, and currently her treatment is panafil. medicare will not pay for a regranulation... Read More

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    Rand, OOPS! Forgot to say thanks for the RCS info. Gilda
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    Hi Gilda,

    Whoops, just changed the "RCS" to "RCT" on my prior post.

    Hmm, cellulitis of the lower extremity... Does the patient have distal pulses? I ask because elevating an ischemic limb may be contraindicated. I don't think adding warmth to infected skin increases the risk of sepsis. Increasing circulation as you described might help with antimicrobial penetration and clear the infection quicker.

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    Thanks for all your help!
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