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I work in a LTCSNF and we have our share of skin tears. We have been in quite a debate lately over what Tx is best to use. I love Opsites and have found great success with them but many of the nurses... Read More

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    In our facility, we have a variety of dressings to choose from. Most nurses opt for transparent dressings (Tegaderm, Bioclusive) that can be changed every 3-5 days for skin tears. I have found that these dressings are usually good for small tears on people who have fairly good skin. However, most of our residents have very fragile skin, and often the transparent dressings will make the tear worse or cause another tear when they are removed. Personally, I prefer to use vaseline gauze wrapped in Kerlix. It needs to be changed at least daily, but the gauze will not stick to the wound and the healing time seems to be faster. Also, geri-gloves (sleeves) and long-sleeved shirts can be very helpful in deterring "pickers". And I have to agree with wocnnurse: antibiotic ointments usually aren't necessary. Most wounds will heal fine without them if they are kept clean. We only use ATB ointment if there is definitely an infection present. With the problem of over-use of ATB's in this country, why use ointment unless it is clearly needed? Just my opinion.

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    I agree that TAO or other antibacterial ointment is not necc. But...have had good luck using healthpoint xenaderm under a telfa and steristrips. Nice moist wound bed!

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