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Has anyone ever used the skin prep pads under a duoderm pad? I'm new to HH, but I went out with the HH nurse last week. There is a patient with a stage 2 on her sacrum. They are having problems with... Read More

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    Sorry this is so late gettingupthere, but I think you were right the first time. I think layering them would still reduce the gas permeability. Both Tegaderm and Duoderm are intended to be the only dressing, and you are effectively making it twice as hard for air to pass through by layering them, even if both are gas permeable. This would be very bad for infected wounds. I heard the practice of layering over gas permeable dressings slammed at a wound care course recently, I'm not sure if it was duoderm and tegaderm specifically. Though we were told 'if in doubt contact the manufacturer'. I suggest you do if you are using/thinking of using this practice.

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    Umm, sorry. I don't think Duoderm IS even gas permeable, though I know tegaderm is. Actually I have found evidence it is not semipermeable from australianprescriber and emedicine: Medscape: Medscape Access
    Current concepts in wound dressings - Australian Prescriber

    I can't see where it says semipermeable or gas permeable on the convatec site either.
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    If the drainage is more than small to none, your are correct in feeling another product is more appropriate. Duoderm is a hydrocolloid, you'd likely need something more absorbent like a foam or an alginate. Also, it's not likely a stage II if it's having that much drainage, thought I can't see the wound so my opinion is not very valuable. Also, if the pt is incontinent and the skin is often very moist (i.e. pt not being cleaned or turned properly), you will be hard pressed to find a dressing to stay. Maybe a tegaderm foam? Just my 2cents.
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    How did the saran wrap work? Didn't it trap moisture to the area promoting further breakdown or did you get it to heal?
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    What about using mepiplex border after skin prep?
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    a mepilex border would be appropriate for moderate to large draining full thickness wounds, but requires a primary dressing as well (mepilex borders are secondaries unless you're using mepilex border Ag).

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