Online wound course??

  1. I am interested in taking a wound certification course, but I'm really not interested in taking a week off to travel, etc. The online course is about half the cost, too. I've been in home health for 10 years, nursing for 27 total, so I've had plenty of hands on. Has anyone taken the online course? What did you think? Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   followyourbliss
    Hi mamakel123,

    I can't overemphasize the shift in my nursing practice from taking Wound Care, then advanced Wound Care Certification!!! I am a whole different nurse

    The great thing about your experience and exposure is that as you deepen your clinical knowledge you can match that with clients you see; I feel that the online learning is great save for the fact that it takes time, actual cases, and time to solidify learning and confidence around complex wound assessment, dressings, and care.

    Keep us posted!

    At the outpatient Foot, Leg, Ulcer Clinic I work at the home health nurses we communicate with are amazing! One thing I recommend is finding out the text that the course you want to take uses and buy it.

    Good luck! It is exciting, challenging, and so worth it.


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  4. by   mommy.19
    In my humble opinion, if wounds are ALL you do, I believe there only two credentialing bodies that offer certifications that confer expertise in wound care and demonstrate your dedication to the specialty. wound specialist or CWCA-certified wound care associate (wound ostomy care nursing, or any combination of the three scopes of wounds, ostomy, continence) or WTA-wound treatment associate

    Sure, there are other "certifications" but it all depends on your goals/scope. If you are a home health nurse, maybe the one week $3,000 course that gets you "wound care certified" (WCC) is fine. I have heard it is extremely informative and on point, but, it has very minimal pre-requisites. As a non-specializing nurse, I think it's great to get "a little of everything", but if you're specializing in wound care you need more than an expensive one week class with an exam at the end.

    FWIW I have no cert but have applied for the CWS exam.