Need advice, preventing shear force/friction

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    Help! I need advice on treating pressure ulcers from shear force/friction in a couple of my patients. Both have limited mobility, both are obese, both have limited recourses. Shear force during transfers are tearing up the buttocks and or posterior thighs. I have tried hydrocolloid under transparent dressings; when no drainage is present, transparent dressings alone. Inevitably, the dressings roll/pull away/shred and the adhesive remnants further cause friction. Of course, I have used skin protectant products. I have bordered the dressings with Hypafix. Same results. Using just barrier creams alone is not an option, either (lack of resources). Keeping skin clean and dry is as good as it's going to get. Both have COPD, so powders are ill advised, especially one of the 2.

    I have consulted as many wound care/ostomy nurses as I have available to me. Transfer methods are NOT going to change in either of them (again, lack of resources).

    My wits end is approaching!
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