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Help; Glass stuck in foot

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    Please can someone help... I think i have glass stuck in my foot. i might have stepped on glass a couple of weeks ago, now when i walk and preassure goes on to the front part of my foot there is bad pain. This only happens when there is preassure. There is no wound and i can not see a break in the skin...

    Is it possible that a small piece of glass got stuck and only now is causing the pain...

    What can i do... it is getting really saw to walk!

    Please help...

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    Dave, see your doctor, You might need an x-ray. My hubby stepped on a glass baby bottle when he was 12 and 25 years later he started experiencing pain. The glass worked itself out (became infected like a boil and actuall popped) and he swears it was from that baby bottle. I believe him.