Foam Dressing

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    can someone explain the difference between optifoam and allevyn, i know they are both foam dressings but a nurse i work with will not use optifoam,,,now optfoam is much less expensive. and when i ask her for a reason she just says allevyn is better.
    thanks in advance

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    The main difference that I've noticed is that allevyn is a little easier to remove, optifoam tends to stick a little more. That being said, it's not enough of a difference to me to justify the cost, and my facility uses optifoam. You just have to be a little more careful when you remove it.
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    What would we do without foam dressings? I've found that Optifoam, Allevyn, and Safetac (Molnlycke) are great for a lot of wounds but sometimes spread the drainage around the periwound causing problems. I find myself going to the Poly-Mem more frequently because it takes the drainage and holds it in the outer portion away from the wound. Another superb foam is the Molnlycke "transfer" foam. It's thin and pliable and also takes the drainage away from the wound. The vendor reps are always happy to bring you samples. (I am not a rep).
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    I am on my last interview today for a position at a wound clinic. I am a RN with 1.5 yrs of LtC experience. However, I am wondering about what I am really going to face working there. Any heads up?

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