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Equipment for HBO chamber

  1. 0 It's been ages since I did my HBO training and I haven't worked in the area for about 5 years, so I'm seeking info from those of you with more current knowledge.

    We recently had a postop cardiac patient with cerebral air embolus who may have benefited from HBOT. However, he also had an implanted left ventricular assist device. It was a continuous flow device, made of titanium, and electrically driven by batteries.

    I know that ventilators, IV pumps etc need to be approved for chamber use, but I can't remember what they need to have done to them. Is it just a matter of running a system in a chamber to see what happens?

    What are the policies regarding implanted cardiac devices and HBOT? Any references or suggestions for further info I can give our bioengineers so we can sort this out for future cases?
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    I would contact the company for research/trial information that support this device for hyperbaric use.
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    There is no such info - I used to work for the company, and it has not been trialled in a chamber.

    I guess I want to know what the process is to trial a device for use in the chamber. Put in a mock loop and run it in one? I'll need to tell the company what is needed.

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