Do you have to be certified to debride wounds in a hospital? - page 2

Here's the situation... A Dr wrote an order Friday for a burn wound to be debrided on Monday and for PT and named the PTs he wanted to do it and to do it using instruments .. A nurse I work with has debrided a pt before and was... Read More

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    Also, had this nurse nicked an artery or caused harm to the patient, she would have no leg to stand on in a court of law.

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    Quote from GrinchyRN
    Sharps debridement typically requires certification. The RN that did this AGAINST the physicians order foolishly put her license on the line. Hope the patient is ok.
    It sounds like the doc might have wanted a sharps debridement from the way the order was written but what the actual nurse did certainly wouldn't be considered as such on the burn unit where I work. It was just a scrub brush.

    Agree with everyone that going against the order is the big problem here.
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    Not a wound specialist, but I thought wet-to-dry dressings (where when the dry dressing is pulled off, fresh bleeding results) had been soundly discredited in favor of a moist wound environment, to allow fibroblasts and all do their thing? If your facility is still doing them, suggest that you get a good WOCN (wound-ostomy-continence certification) nurse to come in and talk about all the different types of dressings for different types of wounds.

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