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Deciphering between Eschar and Slough

  1. 0 Ok, so I saw a patient with a pressure ulcer that healed a long time ago, but on my first assessment of him, he had a very hard callous like, light colored covering over the wound bed. I think there is probably something brewing under this layer of hard tissue. My question is if this can be documented as eschar since it is hard dead tissue? I am unsure due to the light coloring of the tissue.
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    My medical dictionary defines eschar as slough that is dark in color.I always understood that eschar was black dry slough.
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    Is this a foot wound?
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    Where is the wound; and how are you treating it?
    I would describe it as hard adherent slough.
    Where I work the wounds are constantly "de roofed" exposing lots of soft slough etc. Perfect breeding ground
    Do you have a standardized Wound Care Assessment Flow Sheet?

    Keep us posted.
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    please correct me if I am wrong, slough is soft and mushy and eschar is hard no matter the color. It is usually black but I have heard of tan eschar. Please let me know if I am wrong.
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    I was just looking at a wound with a doctor who referred to light-colored but hard material as eschar.