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I am terrible at eyeballing when it comes to cutting black foam for a wound VAC! I have never tried making a template or anything but I might next time! My question is: What do you do if you cut the black foam and put it in the... Read More

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    Anyone have experience with scrotal wounds? I have a patient with a sizeable (4x3x0) anterior scrotal wound with significant slough, induration to the "west" of that wound with tiny areas of oozing and slough and a perineal area near a gluteal fold that is raised, indurated and opens and closes with exudative purulence. I have not received any diagnoses other than ulcer. I believe there is something more going on. Thanks for any insite.

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    Its so much easier using gauze based systems for Topical Negative Pressure, no cutting, gauze fills the cavity, its great for sinus' and works at much lower pressures (80mmHg) which patients find more comfortable & to be honest I think it gives better results without granulation tissue embedding in the foam
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    Is the patient taking Nicorandil (Ikorel) for angina? Ive dealt with a few caused by it they can be difficult & need monitored closely incase there is fistula formation to the bowel
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    Thank you for the info. Wasn't familiar with that!
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    No, but that's a good thing to remember. Thank you!
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    We have suture kits in the clinic I work at and I use the sterile sissors to cut with. Remember when you cut to brush of the sponge( not over the pt) so there are not pieces of sponge that you are leaving in the pt.
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    The first vacc foam fitting is the hardest for me, I measure the L,W,D of the wound bed and calculate in my head about how much I will need, I like to use a separate piece if needed the first time. But I always write down on my cheat sheet the length of foam that I used so that next time the change is a breeze. As the wound bed contracts and gets smaller, so does my piece of foam.

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