Becoming a WOC Nurse: Online Course???

  1. Good Afternoon Nurses,
    I had a quick question. I have seen several online "distance" programs for nurses who want to become WOC nurses. But I didn't think you could be certified unless you had clinical hours? Some of these programs advertise "everything online". How would anyone get hired as a new WOC nurse if they never had clinical training for it? Does anyone else know/have seen what I'm talking about?
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  3. by   FutureRN91
    I know someone who is doing an online course through Emory University in Atlanta. She works with me at a hospital in Illinois. She told me that she does most of the work online but gets her clinical hours at work working alongside the WOC nurse at our hospital.
  4. by   RnfromUK
    I have also seen this. My dream is to become WOC. I am taking a basic online course for the basics but it will not give me the certification, only the basics with 2 workshop days. I am a RN hoping to get my BSN soon.. if anyone knows of a good course to go on on Washington state please let us know!
  5. by   VA Hospice Nurse
    There are several on-line certification courses that prepare you for taking the WOC exam. Each of them requires at least 50 hours of clinical time per scope, which of course must be done at a hospital or other wound center with a certified preceptor. They will help you coordinate your preceptorship. The most popular and cheapest is webWOCN. The course is about $2500 per scope (wounds, ostomy and continence are all separate scopes). The test is another $375 per scope.