Anyone going to WCEI for certification ? Your thoughts?

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    I have been an RN for 16 yrs and currently in home health. Im ready to learn more about wounds and skin care. Wanting to get WCC certified with WCEI, but it is very expensive $3000. Is it worth it? My company will not pay for the education even thought they will benefit from it.

    What is the outlook on wound care and ostomy care in the future? is here a need for certified wound and ostomy nurses? Should I just work in a wound care clinic ? Should I wait and until I get my BSN and get CWOCN which could be $ 5-10 k. I know money is not everything, BUT has anyone had an increase in salary because of their certification?

    Your thoughts on how being wound care certified has helped you?

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    This was my post from a similar thread.

    I am a CWS, which is a purely experiential route, and a credential earned by proving adequate experience as well as passing a board exam ( The WCC course is definitely a 'starting' point in lieu of an end point with wound care. It is a great educational session but definitely shouldn't confer certification or expertise. If at all possible it would be great for the nurses who are RNs with a bachelor's to go online to take their WOCN education if they are not able to attend a 'brick and mortar' school, like Emory University in Georgia. At Emory they can attend distance classes and go for one 'bridge week' and do final check off and exams, then go home and precept with a WOCN and then take board exams. I feel personally like this is the best long term option for the company to invest in, it is almost the same cost as the $3,000 WCC course, with much more in depth edu and larger scope of practice. LPNs and RNs without a BS, however, could test for their CWCA and if they cannot pass, they will be restricted to the WCC course. Hope this helps!
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    I took the class (paid for myself as i am in hospice and cmpy definitely wouldnt cover) just a few months ago. I would do it was well worth the expense. Passed the exam with no problems (buy flash cards...will help tremendously with studying) .

    I have since received further training (not in wound care) in which I was surrounded with WOCN nurses. Needless to say, I knew just as much, if not more, than them regarding wounds. I dont have.a BSN, so only had option of WCC. Now, in saying that, I can also tell you there was definitely a different caliber of nurses who were in my WCC class compared to WOCN. The WOCN nurses I encountered were extremely intelligent, and I thoroughly enjoyed conversing with them. Unfortunately, until I get my BSN, im stuck as a WCC.

    With that being said, I recommend the WCC program. If you have your BSN, you should go the WOCN route. Good luck!
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