Adaptic vs Vaseline Gauze

  1. Please help. Is Adaptic the same as Vaseline Gauze? I have an order to use Adaptic on a wound but other nurses are placing Vaseline Gauze. My supervisor says they are the same dressings, but I disagree. She never listens or acknowledges that she may be wrong. That's a whole different problem though! At my last facility they were not interchangeable/compatible dressings. That's why I question this. Thanks so much!!
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  3. by   BBP42
    They are in my experience used for the same purpose, to keep a secondary dressing from adhering to skin and keep wound bed moist. I have worked in a facility where they substituted freely based on what cost less when supplies were ordered. I doubt there is a specific written guideline to go to, so I would listen to my supervisor and not waste time trying to get her to admit she is wrong. That isn't going to do you any favors.