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hi, just wondered whether anybody had any information on working either in the canary islands or in spain. Where do you find out about jobs. there is absoluytely nothing coming up on the internet. Questions are the jobs in... Read More

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    I am spanish male nurse, I studied a three courses degree in nurse in the Universty and I have worked more than 23 years in surgical-med.
    I am married, my hobies are music, sport, travels,
    R egards

    Quote from TMW
    Hi there! Nice to hear from you! I'm a female RN outside of Chicago, Illinois in the US. I have been a nurse for 12 years. I have worked in such areas as Telemetry, Intensive Care, Physicial Rehabilitation, Outpatient Surgery, & Case Management. I am currently working on my Masters in Nursing. I heard about through one of my courses in which we discuss nursing issues at home & abroad. I was asked by my instructor to connect with an international email partner to discuss nursing interests, concerns, questions, issues, etc.. I did have a little bit of information to ask you about if you wish to answer: your name? are your male or female? where do you live in Spain? your nursing education? what area of nursing do you currently work in? what are your interests in nursing? what are your interests outside of nursing? and anything else you would like to share??? Hope to hear back from you? Enjoy your day TMW

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