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Hi everyone, I am an RN with 6 years ER/cardiac experience. On a whim one day I applied for a job with an agency that hires nurses for Saudi Arabia hospitals, specifically, the city of Hail. ( I... Read More

  1. by   annacat
    Hi californianurse! Thanks for sharing. I recently found out that this is an option, am single with 0 dependents and it seems like a great way to make some money while seeing a part of the world that I have never seen!
    I am wondering what the rules are on paying taxes on income made in Saudi on your US taxes. I can't imagine that Uncle Sam would let us remain citizens in good standing without paying him some taxes.
    Let me know if you have any good websites or links regarding this issue.

  2. by   bebbercorn
    Annacat, there is a cutoff for foreign income before you have to pay taxes... it's been a while, but when I worked abroad it was 70,000. After which, you have to declare and pay... (I'd imagine most making over the cutoff aren't exactly honest with their earnings)...
  3. by   Leedeedee
    You will want to check what accommodation they'll be offering you. For a family you'll need them to arrange and supply a house on a Western Compound, or a hospital specific compound. Don't take an allowance in lieu because it can be difficult and take time to find your own place. You will not want to live outside a Western Compound, your life will be miserable. Also make sure they're paying for your children's schooling, it's not cheap. I assume this is a very senior nursing role, or you wouldn't be able to get a family contract, so don't be afraid to negotiate hard.

    You'll probably want to get an idea of what offer to take on one of the expat forums like Britishexpats, also where to live etc. I've heard Jeddah is far more laid back than Riyadh (as far as Saudi goes) so that's something to consider too. As for your house in USA, rent it out, put your good furniture in the cheapest storage unit you can find, sell the rest that isn't worth paying to keep. If you can get everything together then go for it, 1 year is an adventure, it's not forever.
  4. by   Swan81
    Hello BonesRN,
    I know this post is real old, but you mentioned you know a nurse who went to saudi with her family. Is there any way she can share info with me. I can provide an email if needed. Any insight would be appreciated. thank you!
  5. by   Naceo
    Thank you so much!you are an amazing girl. To be honest I have never seen anybody very generous to share all those information at that point like you. I Just browsed in google because I needed the same information for nurses working in soudi Arabia but I read all the answers you shared it is very honest obvious and very informative to anybody you who may need it. Thank you so much! oh my gush I like you you have a such beautiful personality who ever you are! Love you. don't be offended tho!