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Hi everyone, I am an RN with 6 years ER/cardiac experience. On a whim one day I applied for a job with an agency that hires nurses for Saudi Arabia hospitals, specifically, the city of Hail. ( I never dreamed I would get the... Read More

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    Think there is an age cut off. Be sure and see what that is if you are over the hill like some of us.

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    Are male nurses well received in Saudi? What positions are open to us there? I don't know alot about the Saudi culture but I have heard that there is some issue with men touching a woman or with a woman touching a man. Is this true? Does it apply to the hospital setting? THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!
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    Hello, I think I am too late to reply but I wanted to help, I live here at Hail and if you still have question or need help just email me or reply here.
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    i'll be working on hail later this year.. is the place strict? are the people there kind?
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    HI I'm from UK and considering Saudi, can someone let me know about families and accommodation please. My partner hates his job so he would do anything!!! I have a 18 month little girl there is no way I can leave them behind!! Anyone know any agency's or how we go as a family?
    Thanks very much
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    i just noticed that these places hire female nurses only. whats up with that?

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