US Peds Onc/BMT nurse wishing to work in Paris

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am an American citizen. I have been working as an inpatient pediatric oncology nurse in the USA for 2 years. I received a 4 year BSN. Planning on taking the CPHON exam in this year. Sometime in the next two years I would like to move to Paris and live there for about 2+ years. I am part French (though unfortunately not fluent) and if not entirely impossible would like to dive back to my roots. I most definitely favor the peds onc/BMT population and am interested to see what is being done research and treatment-wise with this group abroad. With this said, I am also open to all nursing jobs (after all beggers from outside the EU can't exactly be choosers).

    Step 1, is becoming fluent in French.

    I am well aware that there are going to be large hoops to jump through to make this idea become a reality and welcome any and all advice. I have some specific questions below for anyone wishing to keep reading this lengthy post.

    1)Can anyone give me a cut and dry synopsis as to how I make my American RN license valid in France.
    (I have seen similar threads on this website leading to essentially the "french boards" website. Unfortunately due to my current lack of french fluency this website is hard for me to understand I have also gathered from reading these threads that having an EU license trumps USA license?)

    2)I have heard that working through some type of American based travel company tends to eliminate some of the red tape (As opposed to flying solo)--Is this true and are there any you would recommend?

    3)Does anyone have any reviews of the "American Hospital in France."

    4)Does anyone have any connections/recommendations to french groups working with the peds-onc/BMT population?

    5)Are American nurses generally welcome there?

    6)Lastly is this idea all too romanticized and not worth the effort?
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  3. by   pyocianik
    Your US RN Licence is not recognised inFrance. The Best way for you to work in France would be to obtain a UK RN licence, then use it to got through the process of getting it recognised in France (way easier thanks to the EU treaties!), and start working here. To apply you've got to get in touch with the DDASS (Direction dpartementale des Affaires Sanitaires et Sociales) of the place where you intend to work. They'll give you quite a lot of paperwork to fill out.
    Meanwhile get in touch with the Board (albeit things are quite fuzzy about registering is compulsory or not, as of today it is not mandatory anymore to get a job as RN...)

    2) personally, I've never heard of US travel agencies easing the wy through French red tape, but I don't pretend to be omniscient!

    3) It's the American Hospital of Paris. Go here: ed=0CDIQFjAA& CNExtbIyzRA9O-HEs3c2Q_gVu3nxlw&bvm=bv.53537100,d.d2k

    hat might help you.

    4) As for working Peds Onc you can try :Institut Curie : Recherche, lutte et soins contre le cancer
  4. by   pyocianik
    You can also try:[COLOR=#666666] which is the site of the public hospital group of Paris.

    5) Provided you speak some understandable french, you'll be generally welcome by your fellows who be quite curious about you and your cursus and practice.

    I hope I helped you a litlle bit.