UK RN IV training for Australia - page 2

Hi :) Im an RN in Scotland looking to go to Australia on a working holiday visa to work as a nurse. Would I need to do my IV course over here first to be qualified to work as a nurse in Australia?... Read More

  1. by   Gem1210390
    I would look at the rules for going to Australia and whether the job need to have needs to be a permanent post rather than a bank post.

    Have you thought about intensive care you gain alot of experience and you will defiantly get your iv course done. Plus intensive care seems to be what places like Australia and America if they will provide sponsorship is what they are looking for.
  2. by   VickyMcSkimming
    I've looked at that and it doesnt seem to matter as long as i have references plus its better for me to get experience in different areas rather than just elderly care and intensive care jobs are hard to come by in Scotland. Plus i want to do agency over there as I want to travel so a bank post should be okay. Anyway this is off topic totally lol.
  3. by   Gem1210390
    Have you thought about paying to do an iv course?
  4. by   Gem1210390
    Have you thought about paying to do a private course about 100
  5. by   VickyMcSkimming
    Yes was looking that up earlier might just do that. Found a course for 148 pounds so its definately an option. I would need to double check it would be accepted in Aus. I've e-mailed a few agencies and their NMC for guidance on the requirements
  6. by   K+MgSO4
    It is not something that AHPRA would think needs to be addressed
  7. by   VickyMcSkimming
    I thoight it was worth attempting to find out anyway because they ask for a CV with everything you are able to do.