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  1. I just passed HAAD RN exam a while ago. I'm interested in working in Abu Dhabi or Dubai as a nurse. Now that I have finished the exam I am looking for reliable agencies where I can submit my application. Is anyone here working in UAE? can you please give me some tips and advise? What agency would you recommend? Please... I need your replies... Thank you...
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  3. by   zawsze19
    Hi..can i ask if what reviewer did you use for the HAAD exam?thank you so much..
  4. by   paulrn08
    I plan to take HAAD to by the end of this year, hopefully I pass. I'd like to hear some stories from our colleagues there in Abu Dhabi. What life can a Filipino nurse expect there?

    I heard that Western nurses are paid double or triple compared to Asian nurses. How much salary should I expect if I am from Philippines? I have 2 years experience in Medical floor.

    I actually having a dilemma where to pursue my nursing career. Should it be in Canada or UAE?

    By Jan 2013, they said that Canada will reopen its doors again for Foreign Skilled Workers (FSW) but the process to be a registered nurse in Canada is very tight as per checking online.

    Can anyone from here guide me and enlighten me?

    Your response will be highly appreciated!

    More power to us all!!!
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  5. by   aikz
    I'm a filipino nurse working here in the US (and born here too), but I'm interested in working abroad. UAE is a place of interest since a lot of the people are english-speaking. How do I go about applying to be a nurse in UAE? What are the paper works? exams? etc.?
  6. by   joji2k
    yes you can apply in UAE.KSA,kuwait, a US nurse u don't need HAAD.