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Hello to everyone..Can I ask anyone who is working with MOH saudi Arabia? Can I ask if they are offering a 1 year contract? Can you give me also an idea regarding their exam? thank you in advance. Godbless!... Read More

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    Quote from yousriah
    hello! I'm currently working here in KSMC aka "SHEMESY " for 3 years now.this is a tertiary hospital with a total bed capacity of about 1,500. I believed the oldest hospital in Riyadh consist of 3 hospitals (Maternity,Pedia and Central ).also,This is a referral hospital which receives cases all over the kingdom.( should I say the PGH of ksa=).:smackingf

    are you hired under HOP or MOh?

    hi yousriah... i am also one of the applicant from SRO who passed the KSMC exam and interview and just waiting for SRO's txt but something is bothering me. since you work there for a very long time im sure u know a lot of things there. i have a few questions to ask regarding the employment . Do u have email so i can pm you.. your answers to my questions will be greatly appreciated and it will be of great help..
    hope to hear your reply soon.. thanx in advance...

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    hi guys im concerning in MOH nursing license in SAUDI ARABIA but i'm already here in KSA as COMPANY NURSE, all i want to know is where do i start applying for the examination and what are the requirements for MOH EXAM...Please help me for the people who already got the exam here in KSA...Thanks and more power...God Bless
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    hi! how true is it that the saudization is already being implimented now a days?. i heard from my friend that all nurses who's working in saudi for more than 10yrs cannot renew thier contract anymore and for those went for exit and decided for reapplication in the same country are also being denied?hope somebody could answer.
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    Quote from bittersweetet
    what agency u applied for? are u under MOH? the dispensary in saudi is far different from the set up in the philippines.. but yes, ur right no in patient and admission.. you will be more expose in paper works.. there are different clinics like vaccination, chronic, dental, anc and opd itself.. if ur assigned in type A dispensary there will be an ER dept it is big and its like secondary hospital in phil but again still no admission. but if type b and c it will be just small dispensary with small population and you are lucky if you have co- nurse with you.. luckily me, i've assigned in type a dispensary and help me qualify to be staff nurse in national guard madinah-ksa and now in king saud medical city!! if you have any question feel free to ask, im willing to help..
    hi bittersweetet! just want to ask if ever I was bound to work in a type A dispensary,after 2yrs,am I can qualify to work in larger hospitals in Saudi like yours in National guard?where should I apply?directly to the hospital or under POEA?do you have an email add?I have so many questions to you as a more experienced nurse regarding these things, because we're the same in dispensary.Thanks!!!Pls.reply.God Bless!
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    hi im just planning to apply in saudi but im confused where do i start first..what is the best one i go to poea or try to go to agency?
  6. 0 planning to apply again for abroad and this time i want to try for the national guard health affairs in ksa.. anyone who could help me or suggest a good agency to apply regarding this matter..thanx very much..hope to hear from anyone who could help me soon..=)
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    and another thing, does POEA-SRO resumed accepting applicants? any info as to when will be the next delegation for MOH/HOP/ KFMC?tnx..
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    know the difference between applying in an agency and directly with POEA (MOH/SRO)

    I believe that when applying in an agency, you get to choose your destination which is does not usually happen when you apply with the MOH.

    There are more perks offered to MOH nurses too. There are hospitals that give meal allowances in cash or kind.

    Agency fee is generally 1 month of your contract salary while its "almost" free with POEA.

    Working in Saudi as a nurse in general is very safe. . . just follow the rules and do not accept offers as a household private nurse not unless you know your prospective employer. Its not being biased, but its safest to be in an institution.
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    is there anyone who tel me the validity of prometric exame please.
    i will be thankful;
    waiting for answer
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    Quote from aminali
    is there anyone who tel me the validity of prometric exame please.
    i will be thankful;
    waiting for answer
    It is stated in the Prometric exam result that the certificate is valid for 3 years from the examination date

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