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Hello to everyone..Can I ask anyone who is working with MOH saudi Arabia? Can I ask if they are offering a 1 year contract? Can you give me also an idea regarding their exam? thank you in advance. Godbless!... Read More

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    how many years of experience do i need to apply as nurse for ksa in poea ?

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    "im not sure how many batch left already but for the month of july, there were flights july10-15, and there are also for departure on 20-24, and at the end of the month"

    how about after july 20-24? do you have any idea? my friend is still waiting for the departure slip until now,she did not receive any text from SRO.she is a delegation from november and was called to have the exam again last may. i hope she could leave already this month she is waiting for so long already.. tnx for the info. are you bound for KSA also?
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    when I applied at POEA I only have 1 year experience but i think now its better if you have 2 years.
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    is it ok to apply in poea even without passport yet? my appointment at the DFA is yet to come. as well as the release of my nbi clearance. will poea still accept my application? because they texted me to submit it until this month. Thanks a lot.
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    i thought i heard saudi stopping hiring foreign workers?
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    they are hiring for the King saud medical complex and texted me that deadline of submission will be in July 27. is it ok submit my application even without my passport and nbi? the release of my nbi will still be until the end of this month and my passport appointment on july28.. please help me
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    failed the exam for King Saud medicla Complex.... tsk tsk tsk. is it true that the deadline for submission of applications is on july 27? if so, can i apply again evethough i failed the first time??? please... doea any1 have any idea? my friend got in, this is our first time applying for positions abroad and i wanna go with her..... :'(
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    hi aimee 77. how was your application? did you take again the examfor KSMC? any news regarding job openings from poea?
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    failed my exam... guess il just hav to try again nxt delegation... im just not sure wen that wud be.
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    does anybody here have any idea wen the nxt delegation wud be????

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