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To an American nurse, it seems like an upside-down system of Policies and Procedures that fails to fall within any framework of prior hospital experiences. This is a place where the patients tell you... Read More

  1. by   RyanRGN
    It's not worth it. Been here for a year and a half in Saudi and I can't wait for my contract to end so I can leave. I have saved money but unless you really really need the money and are willing to make sacrifice and put up with a complete upside down, inept workforce while getting deskilled and dumbed down then go for it.

    Its not not all what it's cracked up to be.
  2. by   farahc
    Hello Whaever,
    Can you please email me - I am interested in pursuing a nursing career in jeddah. My email is:

  3. by   farahc
    Hi Ryan
    What hospital/city were are you working in? Can you explain why "it's not worth it"
    I am thinking about nursing in jeddah.

  4. by   farahc
    Hi California Nurse,
    I am interested in working in Saudi. Can you please email me information on my email with any useful websites and more info. I was thinking jeddah. Do you recommend it?

    my email is:

    thank you!
  5. by   vyecheverria
    Quote from perez33
    Your article is true.I've worked there for four years as hemodialysis nurse without experienced from the Phils.but I had my training before I handled patient.I just want to share my experience is that most saudi nurse are lazy.They will come to the unit to continue their sleep from their house,often seating and eating without any motivation to learn that's why they are obviously fat.Knowing they have high salaries!That for us is nothing to do because were just foreigner.Salary deduction or bad mouthing from the wacher or director if something happen to the patient.But if the the native who had fault 'malise'for arabic sorry!
    I'm sorry but I did not understand a thing you just said.