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To an American nurse, it seems like an upside-down system of Policies and Procedures that fails to fall within any framework of prior hospital experiences. This is a place where the patients tell you... Read More

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    Just in case if you want another viewpoint, Huma Abedin, the wife of disgraced ex-rep Anthony Weiner was born in America and brought up in Saudi Arabia. She has been the PA of Hillary Clinton for years. According to her narrative, Saudi Women deck out as peacocks when they have parties. The difference is all this is done behind doors. If you were a woman who did not want to display her beauty to strange men, you would also like to dress up only when outsiders are not watching. They prefer women only parties, because they don't have to be on guard about men seeing their beauty. It is an entire different way of thinking. If you want your freedom, respect their freedom to want to be covered. Please do not be judgmental if you do not want to be judged.
    It is not a perfect society, and some people would want to change the status quo, but is that not true for every society? Why do you think people are camping out on Wall Street today?
    Thank you, Shah! You make really fair points, and I'm glad you're offering another perspective. You're correct that it's not fair of me to judge, but I also know little of your culture. From what I read in that book, I was very disturbed by what seemed to be very oppressive to women, but the other posts I've read on here presented a very different view of Saudi Arabia. I hope I get to visit your country one day!
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    Saudi Arabia is good for those who are reserved and only thinks of making and saving money. On the other hand if you are little advanced and would like to enjoy life along with your career, then Saudi Arabia is not the perfect place for you..
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    not really true
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    Are there oppertunities for male nurses there? Are men and women allowed to hang out with eachother?
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    Honestly folks if the money and lack of rent is the biggest draw to Saudi you might as well just look into a contract with IHS. You can make the same ammount and work out a deal to have housing for free. Income tax would still be an issue though.
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    Thanks for sharing...this story brings new mean to the phrase " theres No place like home"
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    working in Saudi was one heck of an experience for me.
    Work environment is very condusive. i got the chance to work in an area where everything a nurse needs to efficiently work is 90% available.

    people/patients: so long as you show your TLC, you will do fine. Attitude is not accepted if you want to stay long, even if you think you are the best nurse practitioner. its a good thing to know a bit of Arabic. And befriend a Saudi national who you could ask for advise/guidance and not from hearsays from those that came ahead of you.

    co-saudi nurses : My first day of work, my charge nurse was a SAudi gal and she was patient in showing me how to do things. yup, there are those who i wont say lazy, but they can get away with doing stuff since they always employ the watchers to do it to the patients.

    Trouble in the kingdom: "When in Rome, do what the Romans do" simple as that, and you will be out of trouble. FIRST RULE I LEARNED: never stray alone. . . this could get you in a lot of trouble.
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    Quote from Rohan8
    Are there oppertunities for male nurses there? Are men and women allowed to hang out with eachother?

    There are opportunities for male nurses but not that many.
    No, not in public, not if you are not husband and wife with documents to show.
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    Hi, what have you done now? Did you take volunteering or took the saudi opportunity?
    im in your position, i would take the saudi job but it would be better if you can find a better offer, if not, do take the following to consider to help you with your decision.
    1. volunteering would cost you money and it will not be considered a service anyway for most cases. 550usd im sure is low, but that is twice what you get as a nurse in most private hospitals exclusive of taxes, food, transportation, accommodation
    2. Take it like you are also doing volunteer work but paid and you get the much needed hospital experience.
    3. 2 years is not long, and after that, your chances for better salary will be increased.
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    Hello fellow nurses, just finished reading the entire thread and what an interesting read. I'm actually interested in moving to Saudi Arabia, if at all possible. I'm a new grad from california that just took my nclex in the beginning of May and currently have my name posted on the board of california as an registered nurse. I have a few questions for those nurses working in KSA. I'm a male muslim nurse who's married with a 2 year old, so the culture and religion does NOT bug me at all. I would like to work in Jeddah due to the fact that it's quite close to the holy city of Mecca.

    1. Does the agency hire male nurses, if so how difficult to get an offer, due to the fact I'm a male and a new grad?
    2. Am I able to bring my family with me to the country, while I work?
    3. Am I able to travel to Mecca and Medina with out any restrictions?
    4. As of May 23, 2012, what type of contracts are out there (pay and accommidations)? Because a fellow nurse there now was stating the agencies aren't offering the living stipend anymore, is this true???
    5. If I do get a job offer, what's the ruling on shipping a car from the USA to Jeddah?

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