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To an American nurse, it seems like an upside-down system of Policies and Procedures that fails to fall within any framework of prior hospital experiences. This is a place where the patients tell you when it is time for an... Read More

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    i do not think i will work there either.

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    Quote from clare123
    Hi there,
    What an informative read - thank you for taking the time to do this. Am I wrong in thinking many/most of the hospitals there are governed by USA healthcare standards? It does'nt sound like it.
    I am currently looking at working there for a year, and really just at the information gathering stage. I did work in the USA for almost 6 years and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I will continue to track this discussion
    how ar yu doing now?
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    Just a reminder that to post here, we had to register and agree to the terms, which include this note: "It is important to remember that this bulletin board reaches out to nurses and other readers all over the world. Our call is to be supportive, not divisive. Because of this, discrimination, racial vilification and offensive generalizations targeting people of other races, religions and/or nationalities will not be tolerated."

    Think what people could post about your own beloved country (which you love, despite what others who don't know it like you do, say about it). Just a thought.
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    a very close friend of mine had worked c the royal family and truth be told .....she explaines that thet were very happen with the care given by the rare commodity of american nurses but were even more delighted by the fact they were no threat...... as american nurses were not fluent or even close to mastering their rapidly spoken language. great money... work three years and lots of 24 kt gold and enough money to retire on when you come back.......if you come your job and follow the rules... DOROTHY ,your not in kansas anymore.....good luck my friend could not go back any more because her children were to afraid since 911
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    Saudi has its nuances like any other place. And, there are many goods and its share of bad things in this country as in any place as well. Then there are issues that are more specific in behavior, attitudes, etc.

    I have been working in Saudi since 1995 and my children have grown up here. For them, this is home. I was a DON until a few months ago then moved into Quality Management. There are good opportunities here and a decent way of life. For me as a revert to Islam, it suits my and my families lifestyle very well and is the main reason for coming here.

    If a person is open to a new way of life and open to Islam and Muslims, it is an easy place to be. If things like not being able to drive, covering the body in a modest way, no dating, no drinking, no churches, etc., are to difficult to deal with, don't come.

    Professionally, if you are a bit on the perfectionist side in your work and demand things be done a certain way, be sure you get information about the place you are offered work. There is a big mix of expats from many countries and with different ideas of standards, quality, etc.

    Last, be very careful about working in the private sector.
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    This was a great post and I really learned a lot from reading it. I had thought in the past of going there to work but I finally decided against it due to having a sick mom here at home and just having a general lack of information of what I would be getting myself into.
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    I've often considered working in Saudi Arabia. Just wanted to be a part of this thread to hear more about it. For travel nursing, I went to my local library and picked up a book on it. In the back it listed agency's and one was specifically for Saudi Arabia King Faisel Hospital. I would get more info from an agency before I made my decision.
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    I'm not sure what your objection is. She is telling it the way it is.
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    If you could grit your teeth and tolerate being treated as a second class citizen, might be quite and adventure! At least you might get to know women and how they tolerate their centuries old roles, see some of the world, learn a littlle bit of Arabic...that being said I would prolly last a week...too mouthy! But I admire those who can do this!
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    I worked in Saudi just before the Iraq war broke out and was well liked as an Aussie (they did not care for Americans that much), but they probably don't like Aussies much now either.
    Either way, I went for the cultural experience- and it was well worth it. I came back a different person. However, I didn't last the year. The place was run by phillipinos nurses (most of them nice!- however clicky), and the nursing was American style, which was difficult for me, but I got used to it.
    The patients were LOVELY! Really, true muslims are lovely (Im not muslim), and the women are quick to point out that Islam in Saudi is extreme and not to judge in on your experience in Saudi. I met some wonderful locals, I went to a patients house for dinner, dated a local boy (not recommended- I could have been in serious trouble if caught), travelled to both sides of the country, went to the gold markets and markets, diving etc
    Some words of warning....
    Ask about accomadation. I worked for King Failsal and it had seperate male/female compounds, BORING!!!!
    Don't expect to build your wealth. I spent it on getting out of the country for decent freedom type holidays.
    The abaya is awesome, annonymity and poor fashion sense underneath is ok
    Riyad is dry heat- strict, Jeddah is humid- not as strict
    They do not try and shove their religion down your throat, so be respectful- they deserve it
    We brewed our own wine...very illegial, but everyone does it- just don't ever be drunk in public. Alcholism is actually a problm in Saudi- they just don't acknowlede it
    Be safe- never leave the compound as a woman alone
    Be prepared to be stared at...alot. Very annoying, there are so many expat Indian/Sri Lankans that hardley ever see westerners.
    The local religious police- mettawa- even the locals hate them, just COVER YOUR HEAD when they are big deal.
    Finally, have fun, its not as bad as people make it out to be. It can be lonely, but put yourself out there and try and make friends, and it comes.
    I worked on Cruise Ships as a nurse afterwoods, and enjoyed it much better.
    Hope this helps!
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