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Hello to all nurses... dis is just helpful info 4 those hu r planning to go to Dubai..Please b4 u plan make sure u have the ff qualifications: prc license 2 yrs exp attested cert(school... Read More

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    please PM me or email me at glyfaith20@yahoo.com...I would really appreciate it.

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    hi. I'd like to ask if I can apply directly to dubai and or abu dhabi hospitals by simply emailing them? I mean if I can process everything without the help of an agency here in the Philippines?
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    Hello ybanagako, I'm moving to Dubai from the UK in 2 weeks and would like to nurse sometime in the future in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I have sponsership to work in bith areas but need a licenses. Do you know what certificates I need attested from the UK and what the procedure might be?
    Many thanks
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    Quote from tonet22
    to ivan_aldrich

    in order to get a licensed you need to have a minimum of continuous 2years medical surgical experience. if or nurse a minimum 4 year or experience is needed.
    thanks tonet22, i would like to clarify on the qualification for haad licensing. it is stated that in order to be qualified y
    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]ou have gained relevant experience as follows: "a registered nurse for a minimum of two years fulltime in an acute care facility with at least one year in basic medical and surgical nursing."

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]i had 9 months in medical ward then i was transferred to operating room department. i already have 2 years experience in the o.r. will that be valid? 9 months medical ward plus 2 years in the or? is or a "basic surgical nursing?" thanks a lot. anyone may reply to.. i do hope i'm qualified, because my haad will be wasted then. huhuhu
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    Is it true? Does the HAAD itself lowered the required Medical Surgical Experience to 6 months? Before they require 2 years then now to 1 year. One of my agency told me that 6 months experience will do.
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    what is the difference between UAE-MOH and HAAD exams??? or is it automatic that if you passed HAAD u r UAE-MOH certified??? im confused about these 2. thanks...
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    As I know, there are three types of nurse licensure examination-- MOH, HAAD,DOH
    that means if you wanna work in Abu Dhabi, you should take HAAD
    if you expecting to work in Dubi, you shoud take DOH
    if you hold MOH nurse licence, you can work in other state of UAE except both above.
    hoping my answer is helpful for you
    Xinyi Wu
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    Hi there,
    Anyone knows how long the registration procedure takes? I passed HAAD exam last July, dataflow took 3 more months, the registration began at last October. It is still evaluation right now. Do you think it's in normal? So slow, everything seems to take forever.
    Anyone on the same boat? I hope i'm not alone.
    Expecting your information.
    Xinyi Wu
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    Hi everyone! I am new here. Seems like this year there's a lot of Nurses wanting to work in UAE, I am also a Nurse and working in Abu Dhabi for 6mos now, and I started my UAE Nursing Career just December 2, 2010 where I passed my HAAD examination, and to tell you honestly, since that day I never stop looking for opportunity here in UAE, since I set aside for the mean time my USA dream. Most of the questions here I encountered them myself, It's just that I feel for you guys wanting to pursue your Nursing Profession, I advice that keep trying and I know there were a lot of times that you wanted to quit, but remember, in order to really pursue this profession abroad, you need to be Globally Competitive, well I guess this is not new from most of us. You can start by doing research about the things that you wanted to know, internet is the best source to start with, just don't rely on mere hear says, keep doing what you are doing right now, plus plus hard prayers, God is always listening on our desires, and of course you need to believe in yourself, and focus. You cannot do things at the same time. Anyways, so much for encouragements. You need to keep in mind that in UAE there are 300+ Nationalities, and you really need to be competitive, and the good news is FILIPINOS are known to be one of the most competitive amongst, so I guess you can do it as well.
    God Bless all!
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    Yeah all of this things that I experienced in Dubai, I took the written exam and I didn't pass but when I took the oral exam for DOH license. I pass, now they're getting more tight when it comes to health care professionals. I can't believe how they pressure everyone with this kind of systems, in Fact they're facilities is not a hundred percent great. I had a horrible nightmare when I go to dubai, especially when I experienced to be bitten by bed bugs, lucky for those people who have to stay at their relatives house unlike me I'm so very unlucky, but thats life we have to fight whatever the circumstances as Nurses are very flexible at all times. If I were you guys who want to go to Dubai, yes, you have to think it very well, I'd rather suggest for you to go to Singapore at least you are most welcome, environment and health care facilities are very clean. SO if I will choose to go for a tour I will go and visit Singapore, that's how I love the place very much.

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