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Hello to all nurses... dis is just helpful info 4 those hu r planning to go to Dubai..Please b4 u plan make sure u have the ff qualifications: prc license 2 yrs exp attested cert(school... Read More

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    chengzzz... what reviewer did you used for dha???

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    I actually read the thread but I just wanna make sure if am understanding you all correct.. [FONT=arial black] DHA prometric exams is REALLY available now here in the Philippines?

    If so, did you know anyone who has taken DHA exams here successfully?

    And when do we need to accomplish this Primary Source Verification (PSVPrimary Source Verification (PSV)?

    Thanks by the way, for sharing what you know! You have been very kind for the hopefuls. God bless you! =)
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    yes dha prmetric exam is also available in the philippines, check the prometric web site. For PSV, you only need to pay for that then Dataflow will do background checking for your credential..
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    hi there guys! I'm a alex from the philippines, last august 2011, I applied as a staff nurse in a recruitment agency here in the philippines bound for dubai and passed the employer's interview conducted by the "dm healthcare". A month after that, I signed the offer letter but till now I'm still waiting for my schedule for the exam and its already 4 months then, but still I was not yet scheduled. Some of my co-hired nurses have already took the exam and passed but few of us still waiting for the date. I just want to ask if it is really that long to wait for the date of the exam? and if i ever i passed the exam, how long will we wait for our deployment. and lastly, is there anyone here who is working in dubai hospital now that is under "dm healthcare" ?thanks alot
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    hi everyone!!!

    im a registered nurse here at the philippines.....
    i have a 3 months nurse training experience
    one of my friend suggest me to apply at dubai....we have an agent den he said we should pay 1000 pesos for sending our papers to the employer...
    can u plsssss give me an advice.....tnxxxxxx
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    Just a reminder of the Terms of service not to post in any other language except English and no text talk.

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    I took and passed the HAAD RN exam, however I only have 7 months experience in MS ward and assigned in OR. Im 2 years in the OR now. Will I be eligible? Please help me thanks. It is stated in the PQR that 1 year exp is needed.
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    to ivan_aldrich

    in order to get a licensed you need to have a minimum of continuous 2years medical surgical experience. If OR nurse a minimum 4 year OR experience is needed.
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    good day to all of u! i am mark. iam an ICU nurse in a tertiary government hospital for almost 3 years. i am planning to take haad exam this month. i dont have any employer yet but i want to take the exam immediately so my qualifications will be already complete in the event i am to apply, i just simlpy want to know what are the REQUIREMENTS for me to take the exam. i already registered at pearsonvue. will the pearsonvue need my transcript, certificate of employment and etc? or is it enough that i registered and paid the exam fee and that is all then i can already take the exam itself? pls any one help me. my sincerst gratitude!
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    hello I'm a fresh graduate of 2011.
    I have a very nice temting offer for dubai. But when I was reading the treading, I'm but uneasy now.
    I would really like an advice esp. for those who are in Dubai and Abu dhabi.
    This is the offer to me.
    Employment visa... will work at ROCHESTER Wellness center.. ( I checked it, they have a site, but it's easy to have a site now)
    2 years contract... You will have your resident visa after 6 months. and afteer 3 months yoou will take the board exam there, all expense paid by the employer. By the way, the work for the first six months is Care giver, or nursing aid, but after you pass the exam, they will absorb you as a nurse or you can try other institution. ( but my question here is that how was the 2 yrs contract that you signed? are they like phil....lenient about contracts.)
    Next, they said that with or without experience..and infact they prefer fresh graduate...which i find it inconsistent..because they said that actually fresh graduate is okay not to take the board exam....but for those old graduates, esp. for those who were vacant for many years should take the exam.. ( confusing)....but in the treading,,,i think everybody must have it.
    Next, we will be having the visa 2 weeks after we pass the requirements. and the visa is ready by then, we should pay 150,000 inclusive of VIsa, plane ticket, Pdos and medical exam. by the way.. it is a direst hiring..no agency..because the people hiring is in Dubai, and she is just passing it to her reletive, which I happen to know. The offer later will be send her, but the job order and the contract signing will in dubai, because we will be coosing among 4 institution in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al khaine, and the other one, I forgot. My spirit is already in Dubai, I'm expecting to be there by april..but then, I don't want to be like the others who were fooled and waste a money. plus, 150k is a real big issue, but they said that that is cheap already with the inclusions. Can you guys help me with this....give me some pointers to ask to the person behind this, to be assured that I will have a good future their.....we have an agrement that we will only give the 150 if we have already the visa, the first batch was about to go their last friday, but they rebook the flight because, they still don't have the e.o.c, pne thing that bothers me, so I said to my self that I should make sure that these 1st batch should go first and that they should give a go signal for me first...pls....help me.

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