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Hello to all nurses... dis is just helpful info 4 those hu r planning to go to Dubai..Please b4 u plan make sure u have the ff qualifications: prc license 2 yrs exp attested cert(school credentials) u must have these 3... Read More

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    I think it is best that we meet the minimum years of experience required which is stated in the website, so as to make sure that we won't be having problems regarding that.

    Is it true that the DHA/DOH exam can already be taken here in the Philippines?

    cool_nurse I sent you a pm. =)

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    Quote from aljonrn
    i already have my eligibility id number... what will be the next step?? do i really need to wait for 5 days for that id to be activate????
    yes you need to wait for 5 days for your account to be activated. Goodluck with your exam!
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    Quote from dodoy
    hi aljonrn

    I would just like to ask what are the necessary requirements to be able to take the DOH exam. Is it like HAAD that you have to have at least a year of experience in Medical-Surgical nursing? How about the number of hours? I already saw from the previous posts the requirements for MOH, DOH and HAAD. It's just that I don't know if it's still updated and the requirements are still the same. Thanks
    You need to have 2 yrs of experience before you can qualify to take the exam.

    I'm not sure if you can take the exam now in the Philippines, but i believe there's prometric testing center there, you can contact them and ask if they already have DHA exam for nurses.

    Hope it helps.

    Goodluck everyone!
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    Quote from chengzz_1110
    yes you need to wait for 5 days for your account to be activated. Goodluck with your exam!

    hi chengzz, thank you!! are you here in dubai now??

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    chengzz 1110

    Thank you for responding. I have seen that they require 2 years of paid working experience for you to be eligible to take the exam. However, it is not noted if it requires a Med-Surg background. Does this mean that I can take the exam given that I hadn't had such?

    Another thing. It says that the validity of the exam result is only for a year. The instruction also stated that the licensing process can only be fully completed once you have a recruiting healthcare facility fill up the required forms. According to the manual, it says that the professional himself can look for a recruiting healthcare facility to complete the form for him and finish the registration/licensing process. Can you shed some light on this. Did I get their instructions right?

    By the way, how was your exam? Please update us with your status regarding this whole registration process. Thanks a bunch! God bless you
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    Last edit by aljonrn on Dec 10, '11
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    [color=#99cc00]1.what is sheryan?

    itís the new online licensing system for health regulation department (hrd) Ė dha. itís for all healthcare professionals and facilities (new and current) where all their licensing transactions and payment will be done only online and manually transactions are not accepted anymore.

    2.i have written my surname wrongly, at our new online licensing system which can not be fixed by me, what shall i do?

    send us your username and attach your passport copy to regulation@dha.gov.ae and we will do the needful changes.

    3.i have paid for my transaction and then an error has happened, what shall i do?

    just try to log again, and you will find that your payment have been counted to your application.

    4.i have received my username and password, but only my experience details are filled, what shall i do?

    all your missing information should be filled by yourself, other wise you will not be able to do any transaction until you complete your data.

    5.how can we trace out the link for submission of documents for new license?

    every online transaction will have a reference number where you can use it for follow up.

    6.i have started my application and downloaded the required documents, but only payment was pending, can i save my transaction and paid later?

    currently, you canít save your application, if you close it you need to start from beginning.

    7.how can we track the old manual applications?

    any transactions that have been applied in the old manual system within the last 3 month, applicant needs to come to health regulation department (hrd) and finish it manually.

    8.how can i obtain the result of my exam?

    a result notification will reach your email, if you have passed then eligibility letter will be send to you in order to find a recruiting healthcare facility and finalize the licensing process. but if not, then you need to repeat the whole licensing process again.

    9.i would like to cancel a transaction that i have paid for, how can i refund my money?

    your transaction can be cancelled, but your money is not refundable.

    10.my application has been rejected, how can i refund my money?

    unfortunately, your money is not refundable.

    11.for the new system transactions, what is the mode of payment?

    only visa card / credit card / debit card are acceptable.

    12.for those who donít have credit card, how they can do
    their payment?

    in the mean time the only mode of payment is visa card / credit card / debit card.

    13.for those with technical problem such as login failed, reference number is not valid, etc. to whom they should contact?

    they need to visit us at our hrd office and we will tackle their issues.

    14.i have applied my application, and the credentialing team has requested documents that i donít have?

    credentialing team is only requesting the mandatory documents that are essential for your application approval, accordingly in your application there is a box where you can clarify the reasons of not having the required documents.
    and kindly note, that after 3rd attempt if you didnít provide what you have been asked for, then your application will be rejected.

    15.i have applied and paid fro my application and then it has been rejected, if i have applied again do i need to pay?

    yes, you need to pay again.

    healthcare professionals license
    16.i am a healthcare professional licensed with dha, how can i get my username and password for sheryan?

    the existed dha healthcare professionals and facilities username and password can be picked up from health regulation department Ė customer care office.
    location: business village building b, 3rd floor, office # 332.

    17.i would like to work in the emirate of dubai, how do i know if i am illegible for dha license?

    to view the eligibility criteria of dha health professional licensure
    click here.

    18.i am having less experience than the required, what are the other options for that?

    you need to apply online and our credentialing team will check as it differs from case to case.

    19.how can i get a dha license?

    vvisit http://eservices.dha.gov.ae/dhaweb/default.aspx
    vcreate a new username and password
    vapply for a new professional license
    vsave your application reference number in order to track your application.
    vhealth regulation department (hrd) to approve your application
    vapplicant need to pay for psv
    vbook and pay for exam
    vafter passing the exam, applicant needs to be registered within a healthcare facility (offer letter)
    vissue malpractice insurance
    vissue license

    20.when i submit my application, a notification came out saying that my email have been used before?

    the applicant email id should be unique, and not to be used before.

    21.what do you mean of specialist under supervision title?

    it is for physicians and dentists who are not fulfilling the experience requirement after attaining their post graduation studies.

    22.after submitting my new application, when i will receive the credentialing result?

    it will take around 5 working days.

    23.until i find a recruiting healthcare facility, for how long my exam will stay valid?

    your exam will stay valid for one year only.

    24.to get dha license, do i have to apply through a health facility or can i apply by myself?

    for new professional licenses, either the professional himself can apply or the facility instead of the professional. so the professional or the facility need to apply as a new professional user and then to follow up all the steps and save the reference number in order to follow up.

    25.how we can cancel a dha professional license for a facility staff?

    vapply online by using the facility username and password
    vclick on canceling license of healthcare professional.
    vfollow up the steps

    26.i would like to transfer my license, who can do it me or the facility?

    you need to do it by your self online, and the followings need to be attached:

    vprimary source verification (psv) report / receipt.
    vmalpractice insurance in the concerned healthcare facility (click here to review the list of insurance company).
    vno objection letter (noc)
    vtransfer license fees is 3010 dhs for physicians and 1010 dhs for others.
    vthe new facility should have your specialty.

    27.how much time do renewal, cancellation and transferring process take?

    *renewal: no waiting period, it will be on spot, if you have fulfilled the
    whole requirements.
    *cancellation and transferring: around 3 working days, if you have
    fulfilled the whole requirements.

    28.what is the dha exam fee?

    to view dha exam fees click here.

    29.i am having a gap for more than two years in my
    practical experience, how can i apply for dha license?

    for physicians: you need to have at least recent one year clinical
    attachment in your country.
    for nurses and others: you need to have at least recent 6 month
    clinical attachment in your country.

    dataflow Ė primary source verification (psv)

    66.what is psv?

    psv is primary source verification; itís done by dataflow company.
    dataflow is responsible to perform international background checks for all dha healthcare professionals (new and current) to ensure that documents and information on the application form are genuine.

    67.do i have to attest my certificates from uae embassy in my country?

    no need to attest your documents; dubai health authority has assigned the administration and management of primary
    source verification to dataflow. they will verify all the
    supporting documents, credentials and information
    submitted by individuals applying for registration as
    health professionals in dubai.

    68.who will choose the documents for psv?

    the health regulation department (hrd) credentialing team is responsible for choosing the applicants documents for psv,
    and the result will take from 8 - 12 weeks.

    69.what is the cost for psv?

    psv cost for physicians and dentists: 1000 dirham, and for others: 700 dirham. and 200 dirham for each extra document.

    70.after passing the exam in order to issue the license, do i
    need to wait for psv result?

    no, healthcare professionals donít need to wait for psv
    result; they can issue their license at once.

    71.how can we pay psv?

    you can pay only online, by credit card through this website: http://dataflowgroup.com/dha/cardpayment.aspx

    72.how can we track our psv report?

    you can track the status of your report on the below link: http://www.dataflowgroup.com/dhaapplicant/applicant.htm
    or by sending an email quoting the dataflow and dha reference at dha@dataflowgroup.com

    73.my psv report is negative, what will happen to my case?

    vyour license will be suspended,
    vfrom the suspension date: you have 2 weeks of period to bring a document for re verification from the same previous place.
    vsend this document to dha@dataflowgroup.com
    vnote: during this period you canít practice.

    74.in case if my second re psv was negative again, or i was not able to submit any other document, what will happen to my application?

    vyour license will be revoked,
    vyour name will be black listed,
    vnotify the whole uae and gcc countries.

    75.my experience letter was negative; can i submit other experience letter from different place?

    no, you need to submit from the same first place, other wise
    your application will be rejected.

    76.if my education certificate is not recognized by governing body of the issued country, in this case what will happen?

    you will be treated as a negative psv, and if you couldnít prove the opposite, then your license will be revoked and your name will be black listed.

    guys i hope this thing will help you.. this is the new online licensing system of dubai healthcare authority for nurses... i deleted other some other parts of this cause it has nothing to do with our profession.

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    Quote from aljonrn
    [color=#99cc00]18.i am having less experience than the required, what are the other options for that?

    you need to apply online and our credentialing team will check as it differs from case to case.

    i copied it from dha website.
    wow. thanks. may i ask aljorn if how many years of clinical experience you had? i applied for the moh license and since this was the answer from the website, i might consider applying for the dha/doh license as well.
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    Quote from cool_nurse
    wow. thanks. May I ask Aljorn if how many years of clinical experience you had? I applied for the MOH license and since this was the answer from the website, I might consider applying for the DHA/DOH license as well.

    hi, i have only less than 2 year of experience...how about you??
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    Quote from cool_nurse
    wow. thanks. May I ask Aljorn if how many years of clinical experience you had? I applied for the MOH license and since this was the answer from the website, I might consider applying for the DHA/DOH license as well.

    cool nurse i have some queries regarding moh exam registration.. did you accomplish "Verification of Registration for Foreign Countries" and "Recognition of certificates" forms in moh online?? pls reply...

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