Possible to work in Japan

  1. I want to live in Japan. I'm a senior in high school who is going to attend college in America. But wants to be a nurse in Japan. Is it possible? I can get my BSN, then move to Japan. How hard is it to get a nursing job in Japan? I can speak 1st grade level Japanese and write in a high school level right now. By a couple of years I can speak fluent japanese

    Is it possible?
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  3. by   NurseKrieger
    Honestly man. Go to school in the US, minor in Japanese, do the rosette stone. Then if you REALLY still want to go to Japan think about it again. Nursing is NOT an easy subject to study. You’ll be writing papers and up for clinical while your friends are still partying. Now add to that suck sandwich by trying to do college level course work in a foreign language, which you have a 1st grade grasp of, in a culture which has rigorous academic standards AND a pension for racism- and it’s starting to look like a nice idea in theory but not practice.

    Get through school first. It will give you time to work on your language proficiency AND get your degree at the same time. Most countries have a program for transferring licensure. Japan has a large elderly population so there will be jobs. But it’s not all ramen houses and kimonos. Japan has some SERIOUS cultural issues, even for natives. There is a reason they have the worlds highest suicide rate. Look into the culture a little more in regards to work hours and employee rights.
  4. by   maggiefhick
    Hey. Glad to hear that you are interested in Japanese nursing. As a Japanese RN, I wanna say thank you. Of course you gotta study general Japanese. But most medical terminologies are spoken/written in Japanese. You have to understand Chinese characters as well. also yes, we have some cultural issues. I would say they are even different depending on a area. Furthermore, espesially elderly is unique. They believe something that i dont believe. They use words that i dont use. Even as a native Japanese, I experienced some difficulties with them.Oh and salary is low compared to US nurses. But lots of work. lots, lots, lots of work. We sometime don't get enough appreciation we deserve. What I am really proud being a Japanese RN is I believe the quality of nursing care is the top class. I am 100% sure we do have the highest quality. I personally would not recommend people outside Japan to be a nurse unless they have lived in Japan and known what is like. I would recommend you to live there before you decide. You are young. You have lots of options. Hope you will find the best one!!
  5. by   mistirdonat
    yall got to learn japanese real quick