Physician assistant salary?

  1. Hello everyone. Steven here. I am new to this forum and I am originally from the Philippines. You know i am a physician assistant here but the salary is way too low and if I am going to stay here forever, me and my family won't be having enough money for the basic needs. My kids are growing and our oldest son is now approaching college and we don't know how to finance his studies. So I have just decided to go and work abroad. Not sure the exact location.

    I have googled the desired salaries or average salaries but I am not sure if they are based in a year or per month... based from this website resource:

    Highest Paying Cities:

    1. Racine, WI: $139,730
    2. Gainesville, GA: $119,870
    3. Tyler, TX: $118,300
    4. Yuma, AZ: $117,470
    5. Ocala, FL: $115,050

    I am really amazed with these numbers really.

    I have also seen different salaries from this website: but it's still higher but they did not indicate if it's per year or per month.

    Other websites that i am also taking into consideration: ,

    I hope someone can help me.

    thank you so much.
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  3. by   PMFB-RN
    Those definitely are annual salaries. The salary listed for Racine of $139K. If that was monthly it would be $1,668,000 a year. Does that sound realistic for anyone in health care?
    I didn't realize that the Philippines had PAs. Are you sure a PA in the Philippines is the same as a PA in USA? I am pretty sure they are not the same. For a description of what a PA in the USA does read here:
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  4. by   cool_nurse
    there are no PA programs in the Philippines. You might have misinterpreted it.