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Is there anyone who can fill me in on RN jobs in France. I prefer the city hospiitals, I work in ICU currently. I have many years exp in Med Surg also. Would like to hear from someone. If you... Read More

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    Hi everyone,
    I am also a French citizen with an American RN license. I live in NYC, and I just wanted to reach out to the other French nurses in the city Feel free to email me, I miss speaking French

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    hi just new here in this site and i find it very helpful to read your comments. i just wanna ask if it possible or is their any chances for me to work in france as a nurse considering that my husband is french and ill be migrating there next year.I am a Filipina with Ph Nursing License and married to a french national.currently i am studying french and planned to study more in france next year. what do i need to have or to do in able for me to work as a nurse in france?

    thank you!
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    Hi Eresh,

    If you've got the patience to traipse through this entire thread you'll find that all the information you need is actually already there. As previously stated your first task is to get your French to fluency and your first port of call is the DDASS in the département you want to live and work in.

    Bonne chance!
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    Hi Eresh

    Yes, DavidFR is correct - there is a lot of info in the thread - it just takes some time to read it! It looks like your main issue would be fluency in French, which is essential.

    Best of luck!
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    im from Slovenia ( EU), i have degree for nursing and i was working in slovenia for 3 years in a hospitals! Now, when i have moved to Nice, i have started to search for a job in a hospitals! Today i have went to a Adecco Medical and they have told me that im supposed to do some exam for French language, its like 10 words in french, understanding them and to explained the meaning !!!!
    Does anyone knows how this exam look like and how should i prepare myself????

    Thank you very much for helping : )
    p.s. this web site is great

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    I also have plans to migrate to France. How is it so far. I believe you are there now looking at the time you wrote this.
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    i dont know where are u coming from, so maybe i cannot give u good advices!
    So, iml from EU, like my diploma, but here knowledge od french is MUST HAVE TO!!! Without it there is no jobs! so, im still learning french, so i dont work as a nurse! First u have to the some test in french language, than u have to have licence to work in EU, international degree,all the vaccines!
    this is how far i am : ))))
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    Wow! It's amazing that this thread has been going on for so many years. I've skimmed most of it, and have a good idea of what to expect regarding nursing in France. I would like to work in France as a nurse. I have dual american italian citizenship, so I believe that the right to work in France isn't an issue. But I have an american nursing license. I've already lived in France (long before I was a nurse), and have family and friends, so I know what to expect regarding the culture. I also speak french, so am not too concerned about the language requirement. It seems that the most difficult issue is getting a nursing license and that there all this testing involved just to enter a french nursing school. I don't want to go repeat nursing school again so I was wondering if anyone has ever gone to another country in the EU, such as Belgium, so obtain an american nursing license equivalency, worked for a while, and then moved to France with an EU license. Seems a little crazy, but from what I've learned, in some other countries it's not as difficult to obtain an equivalency. Thanks for any responses!
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    Hello Everyone,

    so my question for the Frenchies (or anyone else who's working in France) is about nursing in France and especially in Paris. I have an EU Bachelor in Nursing (from Greece), je parle tres bien le francais, but I'm a bit confused about the permission I need to get in order to work in France. I've contacted a hospital and they've told me that I need to get it through the DDASS. I've looked through their site but I couldn't find anything... I haven't moved yet to France and I would really like to know what I have to do before I finally go there. Does anybody know? Or should I go straingt into calling them to find out?
    Also, I would like to know about experiences in France. How are you getting along where you are? If I work in France it will be my FIRST experience as a licensed nurse and I have no idea what to expect... I'm only sure that it will be better that in my country!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi All! I am new here, just registered I found this website is very helpful. I am a Filipino but has a nurse qualification from UK. I am actually working as a nurse in a private sector here in London although planning to go back to NHS despite of everything,I feel that NHS is more family friendly. Anyhow, I am planning to go to Aix-en Provence next year to send my 7 year old and my daughter to a french school to study french including myself. This is to prepare them to study in a french university in the future because the tuition fees here is now over the top 9 grand a year. My husband is french and these children of mine although they were born here in London they have a french passport. I know the place where I am going is a nice place to live. Wel will be staying there for a year or two. I am thinking to be coming to London every 3 months to do some bank shifts so that I can keep my NMC PIN.We don't have any relatives in France, my french at the moment is zero although my husband got some close friends in there. Can anyone tell me how it is like to live in there. Do they have parents club? Something that I can do while the children are in school?

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