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Is there anyone who can fill me in on RN jobs in France. I prefer the city hospiitals, I work in ICU currently. I have many years exp in Med Surg also. Would like to hear from someone. If you know about pay scale and such... Read More

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    Hi Dennis,
    Nice to meet you! Sorry to hear that your dream of working as a nurse in a francophone country did not work out. I'm wondering why you could not work in Quebec? But at least, as you mentioned, you had an interesting experience. Welcome to the club of French language and culture


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    Hi Canuck. I love your online name. Well, as I mentioned, it had to do with an immigration law in Quebec. In the late 90's, when I tried this, there was a law in Quebec that said all applicants for a professional license in Quebec had to sign an affidavit saying that he or she intended to seek Canadian citizenship, which I never planned to do. I did some research on it but I'm an honest person and I could find no legal way around it. It was actually an interesting legal situation that was in the news for a while. Two provinces had this law, Ontario and Quebec, the others didn't and some US nursing organizations filed complaints under the NAFTA trade agreement because this law was hindering Americans from working in these two provinces while Canadian nurses from Ontario and Quebec could work here. I lost track of the issue; I'm not sure if the same situation still exists or not. I was a bit angry at the OIIQ for informing about this law very late in my project. The OIIQ that sent me the letter long after I had started my application for a license there. It was only after filing the paperwork, taking two trips to Quebec, and taking the Canadian nursing exam, that they eventually sent me the letter. I guess like everywhere else, government processes are not always smooth. It would be interesting to see if the law is the same now. Yes, I did have a wonderful time working on the project even though it didn't work out. In my winter trip, I stayed with a friend in Montreal and got to see the ice sculpture event and for my summer trip I rented a room in a dormitory at the University of Montreal (French speaking college) as they rent their rooms out to the public in the summer. I got to attend the big comedy festival during this trip. And of course, I got to experience the terror (pleasure) of trying to get along in French every day that I was there (even though I could have used English in many instances I did my best to use French). I remember my trip to the Office of the French Language to sign up for the language exam; standing in the lobby thinking, "OMG, I don't dare use English here" but I got through it ok. I remember that as one scary moment. Nice to meet you too. Are you from Quebec? Where are you in France?I'm happy to join the club here. :spin:
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    what a story! You are quite an It must have been quite disappointing for you at that time to have had gone through the process and then to be denied working in Quebec because you did not want to immigrate there. I doubt that this law still exists. No, I'm not from Quebec but I've been there several times because I adore la Belle Province. I live now in south France in the city of Toulouse. You mentioned you were planning to do some traveling in about a year. Is Paris your only destination?

    A la prochaine,

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    Quote from SarahgoestoFrance

    Would I be able to email you or could you email me? I have heaps more questions for you! And you have been so helpful already!

    My husband and I are 99% sure we'll be heading to France in the Fall! My French isn't fluent yet, but I'm working on it. We'll be very close to Geneva, Switzerland, so maybe if I get better at French I could commute?

    Hey SarahgoestoFrance,

    I was just lurking here and realized in your post that you will be living close to Geneva, Suisse. I had done some research earlier this week about working as a nurse in switzerland when I graduate and Switzerland recognizes american RN and BSN. I believe they also have some type of advanced practice nursing (I have to double check on that). They are not part of the EU so EU requirements don't apply to them. I have names of a couple of agencies but actually if you do a quick google search you should be able to find some. Also it would have to be in the French speaking part of Switzerland. They usually require that the candidate speaks at least one of the 4 official languages (french, german, italian or romanche). As far as immigration paperwork, I don't really know, maybe you could work on some type of temporary work visa once you get to France... you can also check, maybe they have some type of holiday visa for american citizens.... (Those options are not available to me because of my nationality so I don't know much about it). However, I do know they actively recruit nurses from France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and other EU countries as they have an agreement with them as far as recognizing their degree (Switzerland does not "produce" enough bachelor-level nurses esp. because of not many students continuing onto the gymnasium which would be an equivalent of the last year of high school here or the Cegep in Quebec, that is a preparatory period before going to college).
    Hope it helps and Good Luck!

    PS: I am french native speaker... let me know if I can be of any help languagewise!
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    Yes, it was quite an adventure. In the end, I don't think I would have been successful. I don't think my language skills were good enough but I wanted to try. I think the law has changed; I did some searching on the web today and it sounds like it's easier for US nurses to go Quebec now. I noticed that here is a new challenge though; Quebec has it's own testing system for nurses now; since 2000. It includes a practical section. On our trip, we currently plan to visit Paris and a few days in London. My friend is thinking about exploring some northern areas of France but we haven't decided yet. Not sure if we will be traveling south.

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    Hi, Can anyone out there help me? I currently work in the UK for the NHS. I have 14 yrs experience as a healthcare assistant in the operating dept. I want to relocte to Monaco/Nice as my husband has a job in Monaco. How hard is it for untrained staff to gain employment? Thanx
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    Hi All, Have been trying to read eveyone's comments (over 14 pages!) but still haven't got the ansewrs I need. To be brief:
    I am a UK student nurse due to qualify in 2011, my family are moving to France in 2012, near Frejus, South of France. My French is holiday standard, no more.
    1) What chance is there of being a RN in France?
    2) If not can I work as an auxilliary/assistant?
    3) What areas of nursing are the best for me to study? i.e I have heard District/ Community nurses are self-employed
    4)Have read a few comments that Spanish and other nationalities are being employed without fluent french, is this true?
    5) I can move anywhere in France, (not Paris) but have a family, what areas are best for UK Nurses to get work? i.e.Near to ex-pats, large cities, rural etc..
    6) If I can't go near helathcare untill I can speak fluent French, anyone know Carefore's number?
    Thank you for your time!
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    Coming from the EU it should be easier, there are a few threads discussing EU and working in France and one member Fred IDE wrote a fair amount on working in France so may be worth looking for his posts
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    We recently had the opposite reaction. My husband is French but trained in the States as a PharmD and I am an American with a BS in Nursing. We currently live in the States are considering moving to France with our family for about a year. Last week while in France my husband spoke with the French Ministry regarding his pharmacy license and the necessary requirements for moving our whole family to France. The Ministry gave him a hard time regarding his pharmacy license but was very willing to accept my nursing license, go figure. I guess I might be the one working. Maybe it depends on how much the area needs nurses? :redpinkhe
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    Hello DavidFR, I am new to the site, I came upon your comment by browsing through the site. Tell me I am looking to finish my RN in 6 mths. and France has always been an interest of mine as well as Ireland, Australia, and Swiss. Is there any international course that I should take to make employment there eaiser, I am currently an agency nurse(LPN) and have been for 7 years. My interest is hemadiaylisis, Thanks for any info you have. Sounds like you have found a great place to work.

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