Nurses in India--Let's be in touch with each other ...

  1. Hi All,

    I am already here in India and just wondering how Indian nurses are doing here? I want to be in touch with you guys via this site to share work experiene, ethics and new methods.

    BTW: My name is Amar and I've recently moved in from Canada. I did my 2 yrs RPN program in Canada and worked there for 3 yrs. Now I am in Punjaba and I would like to further pursue my studies with B.Sc nursing (in India). I also want to continue practising nursing but do not know the licensing procedure. Can anybody help??? I will contact Indian nursing counsil dometime next week.

    Eagerly waiting for replies..........
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  3. by   khatt
    Hey! I'm in Canada also thinking to work in India. But can't get a hold of Indian Nursing Council. All the numbers on their website says out of service. I have emailed them. But not reply. Would be able to help me out?? What's the process in India, working as RPN??
  4. by   sr.nancy
    Hi Amar and khatt
    Sorry for the late response. You guys might have already figured this out .Well the licensing process is this...there isn't one!..All you need is a degree or diploma in nursing that is recognized by INC following which you fill out a form and register your name in your respective state nursing councils eg.Punjab nursing council .The problem you guys will face is getting the INC to recognize your Canadian education.
    To sum it up you need to contact the state nursing council and not INC as they are not involved directly in registration process. Im sure someone in the state council will help you out.
    So all the best to you both!
  5. by   rinks2010
    extremely sorry for the late response. INC did not give me any credit for my canadian studies . Now I am back here in canada.