Moving to Germany. Need nursing school info

  1. My husband is in the Air Force and is getting stationed in Germany. I'm one class away from being able to apply for the nursing program in the United States but since we're moving i won't be able to. I was just wondering if anyone can give me info on some english nursing classes that I can apply for in Germany. I don't want all the years of hard work that I've gone through to be for nothing. Also, if anyone knows of a nursing program there that is accredited here that would be great too.
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  3. by   jincar
    Hi!! I'm new here in Kaiserslautern, Germany. I'm start searching for a job! I know that I only have possibilities on base. If someone knows the process on how to get a job in any army facilities let me know please!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!
  4. by   BFischer
    Germany is a really good country if you want to either study or work as a nurse. They lack hospital nurses even though Germany offers great reasons on why staying there and working as a nurse is worth it.

    - Compared to other countries Germany has a much cheaper lifestyle in general.
    - Nurses have good salaries.
    - Many universities offer free education and scholarships.
    - Their healthcare system is known everywhere in the world.


    I've just got accepted to study there, and I'm looking forward to it!
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  5. by   Fiona59
    Nursing in Germany is different from the US. Years ago, I had a friend who trained in Germany. Much more physical work. More respect for the hierarchy. When I went to visit her in the Krankenhaus after her delivery, I was turned away because it was 2 minutes past visiting hours. They expect you to follow rules.

    Germany will be OK if you are living in military housing. Prices on the economy will be an eyeopener to you. It's a very different lifestyle. There is more of an American multi-national presence than there was 30 years ago but not everyone loves Americans.

    The Euro zone is in trouble. Look at BBC and DeutcheWelle for news and information.

    A google search gives a lot of information. Here's a starting point:
  6. by   ercard
    Does anybody know some nursing schools univerities on english in germany?
    I am high school graduate from croatia

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