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Hello! I am an Army wife and a nurse. My DH and I are trying to make the best decision regarding our next duty station with one of the choices being 1st Infantry or 1st Artillary Division in... Read More

  1. by   jnette
    Quote from Savonarola
    Hi Jnett, this forum is really great. Ive read so many interesting things and I sent my application for NY and CGFNS for CES last week.... Now I have "to sit and wait" and prepare for the IELTS and the NCLEX. So it`s never boring.
    Wonderful !!!! :Melody:
    Wish you all the best.. keep plugging away and it will pay off !

    Keep us posted on your progress. I'll see you around the BB.
  2. by   Tiny1Nisolet
    Just wanted to add my $.02. We were stationed in Germany for four years. We lived near Kaiserslautern in a small village named Sembach. I had my third child at the Army hospital in Landstuhl. We loved Germany! I would seriously think about going back. My children still speak of Germany so fondly. I think they consider it more their home the the states.

    Germany is so beautiful and the people are very welcoming. I did not have any bad experiences there. One rule you must have while you are there is to be open minded and willing to get out there and see as much as you can. Don't be tempted to sit around on base with only the Americans. If you do, you will surely miss out on a wonderful, once in a life time opportunity.
    Best wishes to you!
  3. by   live4today
    I, too, lived in Germany for a few years and absolutely LOVED it! As far as jobs at the military hospitals is concerned, it will depend on what slots are open, and if there is a list of nurses who already have time in with the military facilities waiting on jobs. I did not get to work as a nurse in Germany because during the time we were there, downsizing was in effect big time, military base hospitals converted to clinics only, and civilian nurses were being pink-slipped (let go) to return to the states or look elsewhere for employment. It's a risk for nurses who are married to service might find employment, and you might not. Some spouses choose not to travel abroad with their spouses for this very reason, especially if both partners must work to stay afloat. If you can afford to go -- knowing you might not get to work there as a nurse -- then by all means go because it is one fantastic place to visit. Many service members return there and live once they exit the armed forces. My spouse did just that. :stone
  4. by   crosstanya
    I am currently living in Leimen, Germany. It is a small town outside of Heidelberg where the base is located. The best advice I can give you is to apply before you get here. It takes a looooong time. You can go to to look for a position.
    I am not currently employed in the hospital because I am not a US citizen. Having a NY license doesn't mean anything here, so I never got any further that the advertisement on the Internet.
    Good luck.