The Long & Winding Road to a H1B Visa - page 2

Hello allnurses! This is a long post. I hope some of you take the time to read it. I want to help others. I am writing this thread with the intention of imparting advice. I have read so many posts on the subject of H1B visas... Read More

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    Just one thing EB3 doesn't require BSN as I didn't have one and I was approved. The key is a employer willing to go the EN3 route and pay $$. These days that is very hard due to retrogression.

    I am glad to see someone posting their experience and acknowledge how difficult it is and how much hard work and waiting does result in a good thing

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    "Bristolrover, I am not sure I understand the point you are making. I too have worked with many very pleasant nurses from the Phillipines. However, what I am driving at is, the process of meeting all the requirements, finding an employer to sponsor you and then actually getting your petition approved (it is very helpful to be aware of this: if you are not a Nurse Practitioner or some sort of Advanced Practice Nurse, there is a very good chance your visa petition will ultimately be DENIED if USCIS decide that the position could be filled by a nurse with a diploma or an Associate's Degree - it is up to the lawyer in charge of handling your case to compile a robust enough legal brief demonstrating that the job REQUIRES the qualifications you hold. I'm not saying that only APRNs can be candidates for a H1b, just that most of the visas granted to nurses are APRNs. I don't think people who haven't been through this, appreciate quite how difficult and challenging it is. However If you are any sort of APRN with a BSN/MSN and are applying for an APRN job that requires a BSN/MSN job, there should be no issue) ;the whole process is more complicated than ever before and is so stressful and dfficult to achieve that if you have never even been to the States and do not even know where to begin applying for jobs (what are you gonna do, apply for a thousand positions in every sinlge state? It's a huge country!) then you are making a fatal error."

    Hello! Since, getting H1b visa nowadays is very hard for Nurses do you think studying Masteral is a good alternative for Nurses who wants to go and work in USA? I attended a seminar regarding study-work in USA, well they explained that as you study for your Masterals, you are allowed to work for 40hrs only. You can also have your NCLEX application in between sembreaks. I understand this kind of path is a long way to be a registered nurse in USA, but if this will work rather than applying for h1b visa that will actually takes a lot of waiting then maybe it's good. What do you think?
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    Thanks for sharing such wonderful experience! You are an amazingly determined person that I ever knew!
    i am a RN from Malaysia with 5 years working experience and just recently reside in Cleveland with my husband under J2 visa. I felt really upset for the past 10 months when dealing with CGFNS especially when no friends/ relatives around that could help me out here in US. I almost give up the dream to become a nurse again until I read your post. Hope I can be as lucky as you!

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