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i still can't post a question. i'd like to know info regarding haad-rn exam requirements? i've spending almost whole day looking for the website regarding requirements for that exam but i was... Read More

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    data flow forwarded my application to haad, my status says 'SAVE AS DRAFT'...what should i do next??thank you!!

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    Hello just want to ask because I'm planning to take Haad next month.. I am 2 yrs already here in UAE but I am working as a Sales associate and after my contract I want to apply as a Nurse... So is it possible that I could be hired in hospital or clinic in abu dhabi if ever I pass the exam?? I have 1 yr experience in my country only??hope for any reply.. Thanks..
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    hi,i'm Chan,from Malaysia,i'm planning to take haad Rn exam on December,test center in Singapore,could someone please tell where to get the reading materials,or is it okay for me to choose ABC paasing foreign board of Gapuz,or any other better study materials .thanks.
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    Greetings! I would just like to ask, what are the requirements needed to take the HAAD EXAM? I've heard they require 2 years experience as "Staff: Volunteer Experience not honored". Will they require submission of certificate of employment prior to registering for an exam? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you very much! God speed!
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    What if you had the 2 years experience but had an epmloyment gap after the 2 years experience,
    would it still be considered?
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    Good day. I just want to ask. I just submitted my application dataflow. How many mos.possibly i can take the haad exam?
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    What is the passing percentage of haad exam?.

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