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  1. hello, i'm mhye , a registered nurse in the phils., just new here and i find this site really of great help to all nurses all over the world:spin: , my husband is taking his Phd in Pisa, italy and there is an oppurtunity for me to follow him there. Is there any way I can get info on how to work as a nurse in Italy? What and How is the working condition in italy? I really don't have any idea and I hope somebody will enlighten me Thanks and best regards to everyone!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You are going to be required to speak, read, and write fluent Italian. You will need to take their nursing boards in Italian.

    Unfortunately, it is not going to be as easy as you think or would wish for. Your husband is going to be on a student visa, which will not give you permission to work, so after you get the license, you will need to go thru the immigration process yourself to get a visa that would permit you to work there.

    Similar to what you would need to do to work in the US, but only 100% in Italian. If you were a citizen of another European Union country, you would not have all of these issues.

    You can contact the Italian Board of Nursing, or its equivalent, for specifics, but most of their documentation is also going to be in Italian.

    Not sure if you already speak the language, or not.
  4. by   mhyelagu
    wow! that was fast.. gee thanks for the info I know it is really not that easy... actually I'm trying to learn to speak and write italian because my hubby is asking me to and gosh it is not easy. And just imagining to take their exam in italian is giving me headache already because it would be much more easier if it is in english... just hoping I would be able to do something if I will join him there because he has to stay there for 3 years and he can even stay longer if he plans to get another post doc research guess i have to master the art of housekeeping :chuckle thnks again!
  5. by   suzanne4
    There may be an American or European company there that has offices and needs an English speaking nurse, but one that is not licensed there. Don't sell yourself short, there are still other things that you can do with your education there. But you will need to get a working visa once you find thast special something.

    There may even be something at the Unviersity that you can do. There is always tutoring nursing students, as well as physicians in English.

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