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  1. by   ahmed.hassan
    Hi. Is this possible to get job on dha license in abu Dhabi and after 6 month facility wil convert into Haad..
    previously i read some where if some facility have branches in 2 other states in UAE so u can convert ur licence. ..
    is this true ??
    So wht do u think its better to find job in Abu dhabi. .
  2. by   ahmed.hassan
    Is this possible to work in abu dhabi on dha license if facility have 2 setup means one is in dubai and another is in abu dhabi ??
  3. by   Katros
    Hello . I am for conversion also. I worked more than 6 months here on dubai and my company wants to convert my license to haad. However, when i am in SLO, the officer's feedback is approved for exam. Is there any mistake on this? Or shall i say? Do i need to take the exam rather than converting it? Cant ask our PRO since she is on leave right now. Reply would be much appreciated.
  4. by   shelly_030304
    Hi there! I would like to ask if it is possible to convert mt DHA to HAAD license.i failed in Haad once but that time there was no data flow yet.Im confused coz some would say its possible while others would tell the other way.hope to hear from u....thanks!
  5. by   shelly_030304
    Hi...i would like to ask if u were able to transfer your dha to haad coz we have the same situation.thanks!
  6. by   psnrose

    I am trying to convert DHA license TO HAAD , haad dataflow is finished now ,what is the next step , home country good standing certificate is needed ?
  7. by   Aileen2015
    Please help me Mam my application was disapproved. I'm a DHA Holder for 2 years and 6 months. The P.R.O was the one who applied for DHA to HAAD conversion. I checked my status to bpmweb.

    Application Station: Disapproved

    Customer Service Officer 16/3/2016
    Credential Officer 17/3/2016
    Credential Officer 23/3/2016

    Current Step
    Senior Licensing Officer

    My question is what will be the next step? Do I need to tell the PRO to re-apply? I really don't have any idea. Please give me some advice. Thank You
  8. by   Ushak
    Dataflow application for nurses to convert dha into haad
  9. by   Eldis Paul
    My sister has passed the DHA eligibility exam, now she is in search of a job. My first question is , is it possible for her convert her eligibility to HAAD after the unification of license process ? If possible after converting will she loose her eligibility to DHA ?
  10. by   rashmip
    I already have a dha license and wanted to transfer it to HAAD,, I created an account uploaded all my details but did not upload my dha psv report and submitted the form. How can I correct it ???
  11. by   pamela04
    Hi how long does it take before they reply, after you send your PSV back to haadorders?