HAAD-RN Exam for 2nd Take

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    i took haad exam early dis july 2013 but unfortunately i failed.. ;( & im planning to take it again after 3mos.. will they give me set of questions same with my 1st take?? pls. who could help me with my concern?? i want to pass haad exam this time. kindly message me @ arnold.navales@ymail.com... just message me on dat account to those hu are willing to be my review partner .. antipolo city area only.. thank you.
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    I highly doubt that you would sit in with the same set of questions you had. I took HAAD Sept'13 with a friend. I passed - she didn't,. later when we compared the questions in the exam , we got different ones.
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    Hi sibyl111507

    Have you finished processing your license already? By yourself or with a sponsoring facility? Thanks =)
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    Nah, i have my dataflow completed after couple of months passing and i happened to be currently employed in Sharjah so I didn't pursue any employers in Abu Dhabi as of yet. But if ever i intend to find one, it will be easier this time. Just needed MOH good standing certi then the sponsoring facility's license, etc to obtain my license.
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    They have thousands of questions in their haad rn exam question bank, so no you will not have the same set of questions but at least, having taken the exam already you already a feel of the set of questions that will most probably be given to you. I am currently reviewing for my haad exam, which is not yet scheduled, so any tips regarding the exam would be great.

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    Lil correction peeps, 'twas Sept'12 that I passed the exam..