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  1. Hello! Im an ICU nurse in the Philippines and my fiance residing in California wants to get me. Im having troubles with the concurrency issue because i cant work there as an RN. Is it still beneficial for me to take the NCLEX, IELTS, CGFNS exams here in the Phil? Others say that i may apply as an LVN. I need advices. is it also true that my 3years working experience wont be acceptable too?
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  3. by   akulahawkRN
    From my understanding of the issue, concurrency of clinical and didactic is what's going to continue being a problem. You would probably have an easier time of getting a California License as an LVN, then doing an LVN-RN program, which gets you authorization to take the NCLEX-RN for California RN licensure. You'd be evaluated on a case-by-case basis anyway to see if you actually have that concurrency problem before they send you to the LVN board and attempt licensure as an LVN.

    Just to be extra clear, this is just based on my understanding of the issue from reports I've read here and elsewhere about the concurrency issue and (usually) Philippine nurses.
  4. by   steppybay
    Kababayan, you'll need a valid SS# that allows you to work in the states AND to be able to register for the CA BRN to take the NCLEX-RN.

    However as you are already aware of the strict enforcement of the concurrency rules, of which only a handful (highly suspect) of PH grads and nurses have been given the ATT since Nov. 2011 (last date prior to the 1987 policy going into full effect). This may not affect those that graduated prior to 2005.

    Ask to see if you know of anyone from your SAME batchmates, same year of graduation, taking the same courses was given the ATT in CA AFTER the Nov. 2011 deadline, then you might have a chance to pass the concurrency. Just make 100% sure you know for a fact that ALL your courses were done in the same semester, not months or years before or after, MUST be the same or you're not in compliance with the rule, a quick denial.

    You can go ahead and try to register with CA but just know any and all fees sent will not be returned.

    With regards to the NCLEX and other testing requirements, you need to see what state you want to work in the day you pass the NCLEX (and outside of the CA borders) AND can get passed with your educational requirements.

    None of the 50 states consider any hospital experience, whether paid or volunteer into any consideration towards the NCLEX requirements, as any hospital experience is not actual college school education. Where the hospital experience comes into play is applying for a job. Those are major differences and a common fallacy amongst the international community. Hospital experience can not be substituted for educational purposes.

    The question that will come up is the "back-door" approach. What if I get an out of state RN license then simply transfer (endorse) back into CA? This door has been closed, as CA BRN and other states will ALWAYS want to see your college transcripts as if applying for the first-time and you'll have to again meet that particular state's educational requirements. I have previous batchmates who have 3 years in FL as RN's, but all (4) have been denied into CA. Concurrency killed them.

    Here's a pretty good article about the harsh reality for current and future PH nurses: Others have told me the sun is setting

    Yes you can also become an LVN and later try to enroll into a LVN-RN program, it's not only expensive, but competitive with 2-3-4 years on a waiting list. You can try to enroll in some CA schools to make up the deficiencies but be aware many here are very close to having our application all go into the "abandonment" bin.

    CA BRN requires any and all required deficiencies be completed by the 3rd year of the application date or the file is no longer valid. There are not giving out any extensions, no matter the excuses, which means even if you are enrolled in a deficiency course program, you better have the paperwork done and submitted to the CA BRN and if that means walking up to the CA BRN office to have to submitted before the 11th hour, then do it or your application file is worthless and have to start all over again with new fees and new request for transcripts etc. Which means those denied in late 2011 and 2012, the year of 2014 and 2015 is just around the corner.

    There's been recent talks that the CHED and all the PH deans are working on new "approved courses and selected colleges" that will meet the concurrency issues, supposedly with the CA BRN watching (yea, right). As others have been told by the CA BRN that they will now allow the deficiency to be taken in the Phils. But I have my reservations as to how in the heck they plan to do that? Kick out the already enrolled PH students who are either doing their cases now to the bottom of the long waiting list, to tell them you guys need to go to the end of the line to make room for your previous graduated school mates. I mean the deal is it's already so packed, there's only so much room (actually none at all), how can they put more inside?

    It's like the CA BRN says here's a list of all the approved CA schools that offers the deficiency courses and then come back to reapply with your paperwork, but no one has been able to find one. So telling us to go back home to the Phils, take up the deficiencies and come back, I think will still not be accepted by the CA BRN as they could suspect how the CHED managed this. We all know there's hugh pressure on the CHED to get this taken care of but hopefully they know what they are doing. The previous case of going from 5-5-5 to 3-3-3 didn't work. Getting rid of this requirement won't happen, as who's going to assist in deliveries for free?

    I wish I could give you better news.
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    Thank you so much!
  6. by   francis_coup
    just to add: you don't need to take the IELTS and CGFNS. Try applying for CA NCLEX. There were some who are lucky to be allowed to take the NCLEX without the concurrency. You and your soon to be spouse can also talk about relocating to other states where you can be an RN.