Filipino to return to Germany for work

  1. Hi fellow Nurses, and students!

    I'm Dan, I'm Filipino-born but was Naturalized and stayed in Germany from 1989 to 2000. I was born in the year 1988 so basically I grew up there. I studied Nursing here in the Philippines but retained my German Citizenship throughout my stay here.

    Now to the topic: I would like to return to Germany in a few months and work as a nurse. What requirements do I especially need?
    1. I can fluently speak, write and understand Deutsch. I grew up there so there's no problem to this, I just need a refresher course I guess.
    2. I'm a German Citizen.
    3. I passed the Board Exam (Nursing Licensure Examination) here in the Philippines.

    Any info you can give me about what I'm gonna do when I arrive in Germany?
    Thank you very much!
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  3. by   SickSister
    Hi Dan,

    is your query still current or did you change your mind about coming to good old Germany.

    Since you have a German passport, i think it should be fairly easy to get here and find a job in health care.

    Not sure whether your qualification is recognised here but you can find it out maybe on following websites

    Deutsche Botschaft Manila - Informationen fr deutsche Staatsangehrige

    and to check whether your certificate is recognized, just select your country and click through

    anabin Homepage

    In Germany atm there is a lack of care workers, so job chances are good, but as you know it is not well paid in Germany, if you have to work intially as unqulified carer in old people home you will get around 8 euros per hour.

    Also Germany had in last 10 years huge changes in Social and Benefit system, as you are German citizen, you might get unemplyoment benefits but the money is very little about 350euros per month plus rent.

    Check here for latest infomation about Work and Benefits
    Startseite -

    Hope it helps:-)