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  1. Hello everyone... im a nurse here in MOH of saudi arabia for 2yrs now.I' ve been wanting to ask anyone because I,ve been thinking of resigning already.My contract date will end this coming September but before I went vacation last Decemberour clinic doctor is asking all of us for renewal of contract and so we all submitted.A week ago i called idara to asked for my 3RD contract and said still not yet arrive. Is it possible to submit my resignation letter even if I have submitted a paper for renewal of contract before? Because i still have 2months before the start of my next contract....if so that my next contract will come ,is it possible to backout from it?
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  3. by   Reigen
    If you do not sign the contract for a third year, you will not be under any obligation to continue there, or so I would think. Since you do not wish to do a third year, what other plans have you made or are thinking about? I would use this time to seek and obtain other employment to start soon after this current contract ends, that way you can simply say I have a different job/position if asked why you did not sign the third one.