Are there school nurses in France?

  1. 0 I am an elementary school nurse in the US. Our school has a weeklong Celebration of Nations every year, where the different hallways become different countries. I am in the third grade hallway and our country is France. This is my first year here as the school nurse, so I don't have anything prepared! The teachers have a sign to go over my door that says "clinique" but I am interested in gathering information about France's medical care that would apply to students...I am not sure if there are school nurses in France but any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    I am French and I was a school nurse during 3 yrs in France. There are school nurses in my country they practice in elementary, middle, high and colleges. The scope of practice is similar as the US' school nurses : health programs (nutrition, addiction, sexuality, birth control...) follow up (vision, hearing,...), providing urgent care, assistance for chronic illness kids, conseling students, families, etc..
    I forgot a difference : in France only RN can practice in schools, there is no school nurse aid.
    Hope I answered your question.

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