Are there English Nursing schools in Europe?

  1. Hi All! First Post YAY! I'm halfway through my BSN and having some serious thoughts. Since I'm looking to eventually settle in France (French / US dual passport holder) I am considering finishing or starting over in France, Holland, UK or other countries in EU. Wondering if there is a resource out there to help me find (if any) nursing schools with programs in English so the transition and reqs for working in Europe will be lessened.

    Thanks so much. Renny
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    HI and I don't have any information on where to look. I just wanted to say maybe check out the international board and see if that helps. GL.
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    Are there English Nursing schools in Europe?
    Quite a number of them in England, I'd imagine.

    Sorry, I just couldn't resist. It tickled my funny bone when I read that line at the AN home page.

    I can't really answer your question but you might try contacting the embassies of the countries in which you're interested.

    I'd be pretty surprised if you found any trade or professional school in France whose primary instructional language were English.

    It might be a bit more likely in Holland though I'd still be surprised. I worked in Holland a fair amount. While there is a substantial portion of the population who do speak English, I saw nothing to suggest the presence of professional schools in English.

    Your best bet might be to try to find an immersion school in your desired country and seek employment as a language and science teacher.

    If you're not bilingual, I suspect you'd face an uphill battle.
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    Moved your thread to the International Forum.
    Would recommend that you complete your program that you are already in, no sense in having to start over if you are already half way done with your training.

    You are only going to find English programs for the most part in the UK and Scotland. The others will be in the language of that country. Much easier for you to complete the training here first and then move over there.

    Getting into a program in the UK will be almost impossible for you because of the money paid by the government there, it pretty much requires that you hold a UK passport and there are specific requirements to be met for it. Much more difficult for you to get into.

    France has all of their nursing programs in French. And do you actually have a dual citizenship at this time? Be aware that when you move to a country, you are not issued citizenship right away, but only residency. And it is very hard to get a job in Europe right now, especially since most areas have more or less a hiring freeze in place, and jobs go first to citizens of their country, and then to EU passport holders.

    You may wish to do some reading on the International Forum on this topic, there is much that you need to be aware of.

    Best of luck in your studies.