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I need help. I need a Certificate of Good Standing from Saudi. I'm formerly from Jeddah. There were different posts here but im wanting to know anyone here who was able to go through the process... Read More

  1. by   kk11

    I just recently applied for a good standing certificate for Saudi Council, the registration went well unfortunately I had a mishap with the payment. I was able to pay it via Over the Counter thru Riyadh Bank instead of via SADAD. Did anybody encountered this problem?

    Also my questions are as follows:
    1. Will I still be able to claim my certificate even I paid Saudi Council with an over the counter mode of payment? and how can I claim it?
    2. If I cannot claim my certificate because I need to pay it via SADAD, can I refund my money, !st payment made, at the Saudi Council Office?

    Thank you.
  2. by   Qumi
    Hi, im currently applying for my saudi council good standing certificate, for my AHPRA application. I still dont have the certificate though, as i did not pay yet through SADDAD. Unfortunately, and Im sure like most of you, I am facing a dilemna as to how to send this certificate to AHPRA, as the latter requires that the document must be sent from the registration body directly to AHPRA, and not to any third party. Simply put, I cannot send my own document but the saudi council, does not do that. Certificates of good standing are and were always sent to the requestor. I hope to really figure out how..i can, however request an official envelope from the saudi council office, to enclose the document and i can send the document myself, which will then require me to visit the office in person..
  3. by   savichan
    Quote from gayathri.

    Am also looking for the process to get the " good standing certificate" send directly from the Saudi Council to the USA state board of nursing council. Could someone please help me with the process?

    Appreciate any guidance in this reg.
    Hi can you please reply the way you get this, to my email

    thank you
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  4. by   savichan
    hi have you got any solution for this am facing the same. have u got any chance to reply to me with a solution.

  5. by   GraciaPingil
    hi! have you started the assessment?
  6. by   val_kyrie
    Hello. Does anyone here knows if its possible to pay the certificate of good standing directly to the bank? Al rhaji bank or any bank inside KSA. Please help.
  7. by   StrongFlower
    Hey Guys,

    You can get Saudi Council to send Good Standing certificate directly to AHPRA!!

    1. Obtain Good standing certificate via email by following the instructions on
    You need to make payment for 300 Riyal via SADAD.

    2. Send below to Saudi Council in Riyadh and they will send it via normal post to AHPRA
    a) Copy of Good standing certificate and Registration ID
    b) Receipt of 120 Riyal payment. Call customer service on +966920019393 and they will give the account number and bank name.
    Its better to get someone from Saudi to make that payment and help
    c) Address of AHPRA office
  8. by   greeshmaissac frnd already took one good standing certificate...thru sadad payment on April 2014..while she was wrking in she is in Dubai...she applied for good standing again for licence in dubai...they given the same account no..before...then i tried to pay frm my alrajhi is showing i cannot pay this tym...can any one help me....thankuu...
  9. by   Kaylazen
    Hi! I need help with regards to my certificate of good standing .It was received in Saudi Council,Riyadh last Feb. 14,2016 as shown in LBC tracking #.What I want now is someone who can help me to follow it up ..I need someone to tell them to stamp or put a seal and for the Saudi Council to send it to Texas,Board of Nursing. Texas BON will not accept the certificate if not direct from the Saudi Council.I contacted all my friends but no luck..They have all the resons in the world why they can't do it..Please help me..I will send money for whatever the cost is.Please have a soft heart on me..My NCLEX application will expire by May 2016..Please help me..This is my email address : and this is my mobile # here in the Phil. 09277477929..Thanks
  10. by   rilgi
    i have no saudi council registration but i worked in saudi 5yrs.hoe will get good standing certificate.
  11. by   joyfull31
    Hi did you enter your friend's contact detail in the online request since she or he was the one who paid for it via sadad? Or still your old contact number when you were still residing in KSA? I will also ask my friend who is still in saudi to pay it for me via sadad because i am no longer in Saudi arabia. I wonder how they will know whose payment was sent for? Do they give different account numbers? Or is it the same to all? If so, I wonder how they will know that the payment is for my request.. Please reply. I am really confused about how they will know that the payment is for my request since i am not the one who's gonna pay for it but my friend who's still in KSA.. Thanks!
  12. by   anoopsimon
    hai,i applied for good standing certificate from scfhs.but now almost one wk,i didnt recieved.can anyone tell me how to check the status of my certificate
  13. by   anoopsimon
    pls help me,bcs i have to submit this certificate with in one wk....