Anyone here who has secured a Certificate of Good Standing from Saudi? - page 3

I need help. I need a Certificate of Good Standing from Saudi. I'm formerly from Jeddah. There were different posts here but im wanting to know anyone here who was able to go through the process... Read More

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    I heard people were saying that there's a least chance of getting to australia if you worked in saudi for the reason that the nursing council dont honour your experience in KSA. is that true? or chances are, depends on what institution youve worked at and your job description? im confused. trhanks.
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    Actually, work experience is not a requirement of APHRA. Though you have to indicate if you have. What's important is that you are registered in your country of origin or in the countries that you have worked in for the past 5 years.

    However, at least a year of experience is an edge if you are to find employment in Australia. And it would be better if you practiced in a hospital setting.
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    helloo alll,
    i have applied for a good standing certificate from saudi and the cash has been paid ................ can anybody tell me how long they will take to send me the certificate ... pls do replyyyyyyyy
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    hi! i just want to ask what is this registration number? is this our saudi council number, because mine is incorrect.
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    hi! i want to take my good standing certificate but after i enter my registration number in my data my email is not there and when i enter my email it's not processing.,please help?
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    hi, i want to acquire he current process for acquiring a good standing certificate from saudi council.. I am an ex saudi nurse and currently staying in Philippines.. I need this doc in ordder to apply for a DHA exam in Dubai.. The site mentioned above which is an online application is not working anymore.. can someone help please??? thank you so much and I appreciate a simple help from the blogger here..
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    Hi everybody, I just received my good standing certificate paying via alrajhi online payment with my current account...
    You have to click bills and payments option. Not sadad.

    1.go to "bills and payments" will see utility service provider option. Select saudi commission for health specialties

    3.subscriber number. It is the account number in your invoice.

    Once you type and confirm, you will be taken to the page with bill details and you can do payment...

    I received the certificate with in minutes I did the payment.

    Hope this will help you.. tc
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    hi rica17!have you got your good standing cert. already?i'd like to ask how since i have the same problem myself.."the bill cannot be found"
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    hello! i've read from other posts that we could pay the good standing cert. thru credit card..i was wondering where to find that "sadad option" to enter "scfhs code 129"?thanks in advance..
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    hello there is there anyone here who can help me about my good standing certificate in saudi council i followed the steps here and paid by my friend in saudi arabia thru SADAD payment last december 27 2013 but until now i did not receive my certificate. . please help. . please. . what will i do???
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    hi miss buttercup. . in which website you acquire your good standing certificate??? because for me i didn't recieve my certificate for a week now it was paid by my friend in saudi and till now i don't have it
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    just want to ask what is this registration number?..i nid to get my good moral standing asap..tnx a lot..
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    miss Jclynkay. did u received ur certificate?
    coz i have the same problem as u have.. i didn't receive my certificate (mail) yet its been a week now after my friend paid it.
    anyone.. i need help...

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