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I need help. I need a Certificate of Good Standing from Saudi. I'm formerly from Jeddah. There were different posts here but im wanting to know anyone here who was able to go through the process of securing one and already... Read More

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    I have received my Certificate of Good Standing already by email, but how come at the bottom of the pdf file its says that it is not valid unless viewed or downloaded from the link provided. I tried to click on the link but it won't direct me to anywhere. Anyone received the same kind of Certificate?


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    I also have another question..

    Do they accept nurses who are registered as Nurse Technician in Saudi Council?

    Hoping for a reply.
    Thank you.
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    Yes! All PH nurses are classified as that. Anyway you will be justified by the job description which you will also provide as part of the requirements in AHPRA assessment. I'm ex-Saudi Nurse. Got my LOE from South Australia last Feb. Hope it helps.

    All the best!

    Quote from machaix
    I also have another question..

    Do they accept nurses who are registered as Nurse Technician in Saudi Council?

    Hoping for a reply.
    Thank you.
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    Hi All,

    Please help me , how we can send the good standing certificate from SCFHS to APHRA .Australian nursing council will accept the certificate, only if it send from Saudi council .
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    hi sir I'm currently working here in Qatar,,,I just want to ask if the Saudi Council could send it directly here in Supreme Council of Health here in Qatar?thanks sir!
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    Hi. I am craving for such information that would help me in my future career. I would like to ask if experience in Saudi as a staff nurse whether in a hospital or polyclinic would be considered in applying to Australia? i mean, do Australian Nursing council give credit to your experience in saudi arabia? thank you!
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    I heard people were saying that there's a least chance of getting to australia if you worked in saudi for the reason that the nursing council dont honour your experience in KSA. is that true? or chances are, depends on what institution youve worked at and your job description? im confused. trhanks.
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    Actually, work experience is not a requirement of APHRA. Though you have to indicate if you have. What's important is that you are registered in your country of origin or in the countries that you have worked in for the past 5 years.

    However, at least a year of experience is an edge if you are to find employment in Australia. And it would be better if you practiced in a hospital setting.
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    helloo alll,
    i have applied for a good standing certificate from saudi and the cash has been paid ................ can anybody tell me how long they will take to send me the certificate ... pls do replyyyyyyyy
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    hi! i just want to ask what is this registration number? is this our saudi council number, because mine is incorrect.

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