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Hey! I am currently a pre-nursing student at UWM. I am curious if anyone has any suggestions on getting in the program. I apply this summer for the Spring 2012 program and I am looking for ideas to... Read More

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    Quote from SELnurse
    I just wanted everyone to know that I was accepted into UWM's nursing program today! YAY! =)
    I am so pumped for next semester to start to now that I know what where I will be going!
    Good luck to everyone applying!
    Congratulations and good luck!!!

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    Yay! Congrats Although this response is semi-late but I knew you'd get in!! I applied in January for the Fall semester so I am still waiting back to hear whether or not I am accepted into the program. I found out that 177 people applied for the Fall semester and there are only 66 spots to fill. :/ Makes me worried. Did they tell you what you did well on? grades? statement?
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    My strongest component was the experiences I had (volunteer work, work, etc.). I feel like the only reason I was waitlisted was because of my GPA (3.3). Good Luck!
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    Okay thank you!! ill let you know how everything turns out for me also.
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    I received my letter of acceptance for the fall!! Thanks for all your advice and help! I couldn't be more excited.
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    Hi guys, what did you write about for the reflective statement about miscommunication? I'm struggling to think of a topic that doesn't make me seem incompetent or arrogant and tie it into the core values. Any comments are greatly appreciated!

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