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Hey! I am currently a pre-nursing student at UWM. I am curious if anyone has any suggestions on getting in the program. I apply this summer for the Spring 2012 program and I am looking for ideas to... Read More

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    Quote from Nurs23Student
    Thanks for all the information!
    I am not a second degree student. I did transfer from MATC (to cut costs), but I have received all A's and A-'s. I'm taking my final pre-reqs at UWM and so far I think I'm getting all A's as well. Hopefully being a transfer student doesn't weigh on their decision but I've maintained a high 3.8-3.9 gpa overall. I also have over hundreds of hours of volunteer work and while I do not have any healthcare related work (except for some of my volunteer experiences and CNA course), I have very good work history.

    Even though I've worked so hard, I still am quite worried about getting in. Why do you think there's more second degree students?
    You will def get in! They will not care where you got your credits. I don't think that having transfer credits will weigh their decision at all. I went to 2 other schools before UWM. Write a good essay and you are in for sure! Congrats on all of your hard work! It is sure to pay off. =)
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    To foxessb1-
    Thanks so much! and that makes sense...I had no idea that schools even allowed you to use credits from previous degrees so that's pretty cool that UWM is one of the few. If I have any questions Ill be sure to ask you. Right now I'm just waiting it out to see if I even get into the program.

    Thanks again!
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    Thanks for your words of encouragement! I appreciate you also sharing your own personal experiences with UWM.
    Where are you attending school now? I'm trying to look into other places in case I'm not accepted for a back-up plan. Regardless of whether or not I'm accepted into the UWM program, I will continue to work hard and earn a degree in Nursing. Hopefully, you're choosing to do the same...you sound like a great person just from reading all the volunteer work you've been involved with and of course, your willingness to respond back to my posts.
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    I am currently at UWM this semester-- I was just put on the waiting list this time around. However, I have been accepted into MSOE's nursing program. It's a bit more expensive ( about $15,000 in loans for me each year), but the education is great there! If you are looking into other programs, I would suggest MSOE. They have a direct entry program so if you are accepted into their school, you are automatically a nursing student. They also have a 100% pass rate for the NCLEX and a 97% job placement for new grads. Honestly, I feel that you should get into UWM's program without any problems, but it is good to have a plan B. =)

    Good luck to you in the future!
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    Thanks SELnurse!
    Before I transferred to UWM I thought about going to MSOE but like you said it's very costly. One of my friends however decided to go to MSOE. MSOE will give you a scholarship based on your gpa but of course it's still super expensive with that kind of scholarship. What you said though may make it worth it: the passing rate, job placement (although nurses are in much demand so job placements probably good with most schools), and the fact that you don't have to petition is awesome!

    I'm not sure how the waiting list works but I hope you get in as well!

    Thanks for the advice. It was nice talking to you!
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    Does anyone know the likelihood of getting into the UWM program off of the waiting list? Also, I am in my 5th year of school and my aid has run out. I deciding if it's worth it for me to get my BSN now because I was rejected. Should I just go for my ADN at a community college somewhere and go back for my BSN later? or should I keep going for my BSN even though I may not get in again and risk wasting more time and money...
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    I know a few people who didn't pass their classes the semester before they started nursing and had to reapply. The kids on the waiting list got their spots. I can't tell you how many, but I'm sure they have assigned you a number. You can ask them where you are on that list. If you're not in the top 5, I would suggest you look at your other options. I would watch out for schools like MATC and WCTC because they have a different way of accepting people into their ADN programs.
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    Yeah...I talked to a student who was number 4 on the waiting list and got accepted into the program. I also was thinking about going back to MATC in case I don't get in just because its so much cheaper and you can become RN even if its just an associates degree...only thing is....the programs a lottery system. You still have to petition but they pretty much pull your name out of a hat kind of deal, so they tell you. I honestly think they still want good students and so they pick those people first just because every student I've known at MATC that did well in all their classes....started the program right away. I was also told by my A&P and Micro teacher that he wouldn't be surprised if I was accepted into it right away. Either way its a lottery system so if you didn't do so well in a few classes...that doesn't mean you wont get in..just as long as you meat the qualifications. Because you go to UWM, most of your credits will most likely transfer. What's a plus too is that your classes are at University level versus some of the MATC courses you can take for their nursing degree but don't transfer....if that makes sense. For example, you could take A&P at MATC at a lower lever (doesn't transfer) instead of a higher level A&P that does transfer and get into the program. So having taken higher level courses it shows you can handle the material....if that even matters...cause like I said, its lottery based. I don't know. I thought of this through myself and I would hate to have to go back to MATC and get my RN there when I've worked so hard and have taken many more classes than it's required at MATC...where I'm so close to starting a bachelors nursing program. On the plus side, if you go to a community college and get into the program...I know that colleges like UWM will more than likely accept you into the Associates to Bachelors program. I know this because when I transferred to UWM...they assumed I was an RN already and were very excited about me going there till I told them I had only taken pre-reqs at MATC. Anyways I have to go but..working as an RN while earning your bachelors may be nice to have that extra money.
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    I just wanted everyone to know that I was accepted into UWM's nursing program today! YAY! =)
    I am so pumped for next semester to start to now that I know what where I will be going!
    Good luck to everyone applying!
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    Congrats! Be prepared for a lot pretty fast. I'm just finishing up my second semester. If you have any questions, let me know.

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