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Hey! I am currently a pre-nursing student at UWM. I am curious if anyone has any suggestions on getting in the program. I apply this summer for the Spring 2012 program and I am looking for ideas to put on my application to make... Read More

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    They did not need to re-take their chemistry courses? I have already taken all of the communications courses (I used to be a communications major). My biggest thing is that I do not want to retake chem and math.

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    Nope I don't believe so. I would stay away from Alverno. I know a few students from UWM who transferred there and had to take a whole year of extra pre-reqs before starting clinicals, which is a big waste of money IMO.If you go to ccon.edu and go to future students and then transfer admissions there is a UWM transfer credit guide link which shows all the classes that transfer
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    I am applying to the UWM program also. I noticed you said you weren't accepted into the program and I am shocked! Everything you said you've done makes me wonder why you wouldn't have gotten in right away? If this isn't too personal, would you mind telling me why you didn't get accepted? Was it just too full?

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    Just a note: I am a white female who was able to get in on my first try. I am finishing up the 3B semester. Most of my classmates are second degree students. A large majority of my class is also white.
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    It is very difficult for those to get in on the first try, though. In my experience, I have not met anyone who has that was a traditional student, but it is not impossible. Do you mind if I ask how you got in? =) what was your GPA?
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    Also, are you a traditional student or a returning student?
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    2nd degree, veteran, science gpa was a 3.8. I can't tell you why you didn't get in, but have you calculated just your science gpa? When I was applying they said that was a big number that they took into consideration. The program is heavily science-based.

    All I can recommend is that you re-apply for the Fall. You probably won't have to change much in your application if you were waitlisted. It's definitely too late for them to have a grade for any retakes, but sometimes they like to see effort on your current class schedule. Believe me, there are still plenty of 20-21 year olds in my class to make me feel old.
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    Thanks for all the information!
    I am not a second degree student. I did transfer from MATC (to cut costs), but I have received all A's and A-'s. I'm taking my final pre-reqs at UWM and so far I think I'm getting all A's as well. Hopefully being a transfer student doesn't weigh on their decision but I've maintained a high 3.8-3.9 gpa overall. I also have over hundreds of hours of volunteer work and while I do not have any healthcare related work (except for some of my volunteer experiences and CNA course), I have very good work history.

    Even though I've worked so hard, I still am quite worried about getting in. Why do you think there's more second degree students?
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    I honestly think there are more 2nd degree students because UWM is one of the few schools in SE Wisconsin that will take credits from previous degrees. I know Marquette would make you start from scratch since they're a direct-entry program. Plus, once you have a bachelors in something, it doesn't make you feel as good to earn something less than that. Price is always good, too.
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    Oh, and if you have any questions about the program, just let me know. I'll do my best to answer them.
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